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In other words, you'd get a really stiff neck from prolonged viewing
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Just a bit overdone IMO.
His money though/
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He only spent 6 Million on the system. In my opinion the sound doesn't really open up and sound good and the picture doesn't look good until you are at least at the 10 Million mark and that is if I am putting together a budget system.
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i love the first comment...

it's so easy for some people to say what should be done with money that isn't theirs...

and $6million... wow... i figured up how much i'd spend if i had the money... and came up with 2 totals.. total number 1 $5000 is the "full upgrade for current house" total number 2 was $whatever it takes and that's reserved for the what-if of winning the powerball where i can have one of those nice home theater setups in it's own dedicated room... i wouldn't go all out like this guy though

of course i'm not rich and best i could pull off is a new HTIB to replace the old one that has developed a few quirks
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Amazing, I'd love to see it in person.
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has anyone ever thought about buying a real theater instead? i mean for $6 million i am sure you can walk out with a nice 30+ screen complex.
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I still don't understand why he doesn't have an actual film projector. They only run about $300,000 used and he would get much better resolution than from today's digital media.
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Lot's of fuss about how much he would have spent on this system but nowhere in the article did it say that he actually spent $6 million. The implication was that a system like his home theater would "cost" about $6 million, presumably to a potential client.

Even then, a large portion of that cost may well be for creating the room itself (since it would be "site specific"), not to mention what I'd imagine would be an enormous profit on the design, construction, sale, installation and follow up services.

So maybe $2 million for the gear, $1 million for the room and $3 million profit, assuming that they can find such a customer who is willing to pay what they ask without any negotiation. Unlikely, even among the wealthiest of all people because nobody likes getting screwed. Nobody.

Here's what the article said:

But it's more than that. Kipnis sees the KSS as a laboratory, an ongoing experiment to advance the state of the art. And it's not just for himself; he's dead serious about selling the KSS to movie-industry professionals and wealthy home theater aficionados. He sees his huge screen as an intrinsic part of the experience. "It's an unprecedented level of immersion that I'm looking for." The mix of brands and models for his customers' KSS systems will be site specific, and he imagines that, unlike his installation, the componentry and speakers will be stealthily deployed. The KSS pictured here is Beta Ciné, so yes, there's an even bigger KSS, the Alpha Ciné, in the planning stages. It's intended for much larger venues, such as screening rooms or perhaps even actual movie theaters. The Gamma Ciné will be a scaled-down KSS for smaller living rooms, bedrooms, or kitchens. The Gamma Ciné will likely utilize rear-projection techniques. (When not in use, the screen will look like a wall, and all of the equipment will live behind the screen.) The philosophy of all three KSS systems is the same—nothing but the best picture and sound. Price estimates will be site specific, but the cost of Kipnis' home system would be in the $6-million range.
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i find this a complete waste of tuuubes!
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He's obviously trying to compensate for something he feels is very inadequate if you know what I mean.
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It looks quite ridiculous, yes, but I guess out there there has to be something even more than this.
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