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Senn PX100 and Grado SR-60's -- what's next?

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Hi all,

I've been head-fi'ing for a bit less than a year now. I currently own a pair of Grado SR-60's and a pair of Sennheiser PX100's.

The PX100's were bought based on Amazon feedback, and now that I'm here I see they are a very popular option for inexpensive, versatile cans. I have been really happy with them and use them semi-daily.

After finding this site and deciding to try something new, I bought some Grado SR-60's and a Total Bithead from our friends over at Headroom. I've put the Grado's through proper burn-in and they sound very detailed. But, they just don't sound all that natural to me -- almost artificially colored. I find myself using my PX100's more often.

I'd like to try something new. I'm prepared to "step up" and invest a bit more in my next set of cans. It seems the Beyer 880's seem to be very popular around here, but I'm also thinking about the Denon D2000's. I've thought about IEM's as well, but I'm concerned about comfort. Unfortunately meets aren't materializing in the Cleveland, OH area, and there are no real B&M's to shop at, so I have to rely on suggestions alone.

So, fellow head-fiers, what should I try next? I need something very versatile, as I listen to classical, indie/alternative, jazz, and "mild" electronic (like Air and Zero 7). I'd like something that is very detailed and forward with these music types without the need for equalization. And, a strong soundstage would be helpful -- an area my PX100's seem to be a bit lacking in. (Am I asking too much?!)

Sources will be varied, but amplification will be supplied by my Total Bithead or a vintage Marantz receiver. I'm looking forward to everyone's input!
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If you like the PX-100, the HD-650 is the natural next step. Both have very close sound signature, with the flagship can improving on almost everything, particularly extensions, soundstage and details. It will also scale up nicely with every upgrade you throw into your system.

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You might want to mention your budget for new headphones. Do you care if they are closed or open?

Your preference of the PX100s indicates you prefer the Sennheiser house sound so these would be worth looking in to:

HD580s or HD600s - very good with your musical taste especially classical.

HD595s are another Senn worth looking in to more forward sounding then other Senns.

other options:

The Denons you mentioned is highly regarded.

BeyerDynamics DT880s are highly regarded.

My choice in your situation would be the HD580s. An excellent price/performance deal and very close (some say practically identical) to the HD600s.

Hardly an exhaustive list, but hopefully this will give you some things to focus on and help get some discussion going.
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Well, I can only speak about the cans that I've heard. And I prefer the house sound of Sennheisers, mainly due to the satisfaction that I get from the bottom end dynamics. If you are looking for a more detailed sound, you can't go wrong with some of the top headphones from AKG.

I own the PX100s. I love to use them away from home. If you're interested in Sennheisers, you may want to check out the HD595s. I owned these for a while and I really enjoyed them. They sound pretty darn good unamped.
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I very much agree with Dobro on the HD580 recommendation - that pair specifically excels at the genres you've listed and won't molest your wallet to boot. Also consider that they can be modded with HD600 grills and the 650 cable to further the sound signature.

This is where I would get them if you can't find used (if you need an extra push in that direction ).

Hope I could help, take care.
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Great input so far everyone! Budgetwise I'm thinking $200-$300 range. I'd like to not get too deep into an endless cycle of upgrading. As many have said, it's going to be cheaper in the log run to make the jump earlier than later.

Seems like the Senn HD580, 600, or maybe 650 is a good series to consider. I also want to experience as many different "sounds" that are out there, so I'd be willing to try something new.

As far as open vs. closed -- other than isolation and sound leakage, are there any significant acoustical differences?

One thing I think I've learned, though, is that the "Grado" sound is probably not right for me. I haven't heard their higher end cans, but from what I've read it seems like if I'm not a fan of the 60's, I won't be a fan of their others.
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