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I need a pen + notepad recommendation.

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This might sound really dumb, but I'm looking for a sexy/classy pen and notepad combo. Something I could keep in my pocket and use to write down ideas, school assignments, or whatever I need to remember.

I know I could pick up a pack of ballpoints and a Five Star notepad at office max, but I am looking for something like a pocket friendly fountain pen and a leather notepad with replaceable paper. If the pad held the pen, that would be ideal. I don't really have a budget, but let's say under 80 dollars.

Does this make sense? I guess I just need a fancy way to jot down ideas.


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I love Moleskine notes books.
Write/draw with a Pilot v7 or fineliner pen maybe a stadler mars technical pen if I can find one.

YouTube - My Pen
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How much do you want to spend on the pen?

I like Moleskine or Black N Red pads and Pelikan 200 Fountain pens. Pilot Vanishing Points are cool retractable fountain pens. Lamy 2000 is another nice pen.
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x10 re: Moleskine. Once you use them you'll never use anything else. They sell them at Barnes and Noble and Borders too.

Pens are a very personal statement. Check out Fountain Pen Hospital ; Fountain Pens, Mont blanc pens, Cross Pens, Parker Pens, Waterman pens, writing instruments, Montblanc pens, montblanc fountain pen, Pens, Pen, calligraphy, caligraphy, mont blanc pen

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I decided to go with moleskine, and my budget for a pen would be around 50 dollars. I could spend more if I found something completely amazing.

For a pen I would want something with sloppy ink spewing out. I like not having to press very hard to have ink go everywhere, and it looks cool imo. I would need a medium or large nib for this?
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Golf pencil and a post-it pad.

There's nothing sexier than not needing a nice pen and pad combo to look cool.

Happy hunting....
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I cannot go without the following pen:


However, I have never tried a fountain pen, I would like to, though. I hear they are an experience, to, well, experience!
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In your place I'd shell out for a Pilot Vanishing Point. Those look fantastic. They can be had for about $100 on eBay.
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Look at products from Levenger - Levenger - Lap Desks, Totes, Business Card Holders, Leather Briefcases, Mens Wallets, Womens Wallets, Desk Accessories - Levenger. They have a huge selection of notepads and pens.

I am partial to rollerballs; fountain pens can be messy or difficult to use on a poor grade of paper. The Levenger True Writer pens series is stylish and a good value. My current favorite pen is the Michael's Fat Boy New York Red Edition. Levenger used to carry it , but no longer. It may be too bulky and heavy to carry around in your pocket and certainly won't fit into a small, leather folio. Great desk pen, though. (View Stock Gel Pens)
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I live by my pilot vanishing point -- because I like smooth but fine (almost extra fine) fountain pen. Go to the shop on Bromfield street downtown. They will let you try them out. The Lamy are harder. Really depends on your writing style.

I used to love moleskine, but with fountain pen it sometimes leak thru the page. I still use a small one for the occasional short outing. Check out BookFactory . I use big engineering notebooks from them. They sell a moleskine clone that is pretty nice also.
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Just get a LifeTime guaranteed Cross Classic with Gold accents from Office Max,and a Wenger/Swiss Army or Buxton Leather Pad.

Easy to find ink refills, and writes nice for about $40.
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Is this combo meant for a quick jot or do you anticipate having some time and surface space to properly write something down? Fountains pens and a quick jot do NOT go hand in hand, because fountain pen ink typically requires 10 seconds or more to completely dry. There's also the fact that most fountain pens are capped or screw capped, which again does not lend itself well to a quick jot, the only exception being the Pilot Namiki Vanishing Point. I'd hate to see you trying to juggle getting a notebook out and then uncapping the fountain pen and then trying to write while holding the cap.
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