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Even though this thread as been dead for two years, it lead me to a link to purchase a cmoy from another member, which was still current ;)

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I'm re-resurrecting this thread, anyone know where I can currently buy a cmoy kit? I rather support local than overseas ebay.  I'm very new to the DIY scene, I see JDS Labs sells the led and the pcb board. Can this board be used when making any cmoy, or is it specific to their jds labs bb-cmoy?

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hmm nevermind, seems they got a link to all the things you need on the jds site, at 50 bucks with shipping its a bit pricey for a little home project.

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Why don't you just order the parts from somewhere like mouser or digikey. I am sure you can find a BOM put together for you on various sites and there are not a whole lot of parts. Should be fairly straightforward.

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the jds store links to those exact two sites, with the parts necessary it comes out to a little over thirty bucks then with shipping 50. I might end up getting a kit off ebay if I find one for like 25 30 bucks, It doesn't have to be anything special, just something for me to practice on.

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if you don't need external power, you can skip the dc plug and buy a knob at radioshack, and buy everything else from mouser and jdslabs, I bought two kits and it came out to about $30 per kit including shipping.

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Do any of you know where I can get a banzai v2 cmoy kit? It used to be on ebay but its not anymore and I want one.
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PM me.


I have to sort through the parts I have, but I'm pretty sure I have 2 complete kits that I've never had the chance to build.

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alrighty then, the internet is never *DEAD or OLD* and if you have a forum or any type of site, google search results will show older ones as more relevant to a topic :)

for anyone is looking for cmoy kits, i can highly recommend Freds Amps (ebay) reasonable shipping and awesome customer service ;)

and if your new to soldering i highly recommend getting a proper soldering iron with a bits kit using cheap soldering iron and bits are a bad idea (cmoy soldering realy needs a soldering iron that has the same heat all the time)

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