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Originally Posted by chuck94022 View Post
I've been using the Westone UM-2's for a couple of years. I was traveling a lot internationally by air, and liked the great isolation plus the ability to lay my head against them without them poking through my eardrum. The sound with the foamies was just great.

Because the isolation was so good with the UM-2's, I didn't use them for normal walk around listening. For that I used "stock" buds. When my dog ate the buds (literally), I decided to replace them with the iphone supporting version of the Vmoda vibes. They didn't seem as "involved" as the UM-2's, and they have a microphone.

When I put them on I was quite impressed with the sound. In fact, I was stunned at how strong the bass was - too strong, actually, but not so overpowering that I wanted to take them back. I just didn't realize IEMs could deliver such bass. So I listened for a while and got used to them. I "dialed in" to the sound, and enjoyed the easier insertion and less isolation for my "normal" listening mode.

After a day of listening to the Vibes, I inserted my UM-2's, just to compare. To my dismay, the UM-2's sounded awful! The midrange was way too present, the highs and lows both seemed totally rolled off and weak.

I felt I must have ruined my ears with the Vibes! But I'm sure I haven't because I slapped on my HD-650's just to convince myself that my ears still worked and they sounded just lovely.

Anyone else have this sort of experience when switching between IEM's? Did you have to readjust?

Bottom line for me is I do like the Vibes, but from everything I hear your mileage can vary from unit to unit, as they are tweaking them all the time (and the tweak may not be for the better). I also like the style of the Vibes.

For serious isolation, though, I will use the Westone UM-2. And I have always felt that they topped even my Sure e5c's (which I lost on a United 747 somewhere between the US and China) in both isolation and sound quality.
About your experience with the IEM's and wondering what happened to your hearing. Yes it just haopened to me.

I bought Dennon c700 and loved them. then for the heck of it I got some atrios and felt the dennon's were better.

But I kept hearing the atrios and then got some shure e4c's and when I went back to listen to the dennon's they sounded terrible now! hmmm

I don't understand that at all but the deep bass in the other iems seems to be the reason.

My answer to the posts question is get the atrio if you want bass. I personally am not a bass head but the atrios have plenty and sound good.

I really prefer a more neutral sound myself.
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The Atrio's are going to be your best bet for bass and isolation in this price range. IMHO, stay away from the Super.fi 5 EB.
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I've heard the Super Fi 5EB has some serious muddiness issues on the high end, so I do plan on avoiding them.

Can someone link me to a good place to get Atrios, and a good place to bet UM2s?

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