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Hmmm.... I also have a d-555 that I got new in the 90's and have a problem with the headphone out... Where do you get the UUD1C221MCL1GS which I think is the part number? Also if I am using an old weller solder station and I can't set the temp, or I have the weller gun, which would be best to attempt it or should I find someone to send the unit out to get it fixed? Thanks.
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I have a D-121 (1993 model, bought it for $1 at a thrift store).

I find the next/previous buttons are hard to press properly sometimes.

Could I remove the button and reseat it?
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I disassembled my D-121 this afternoon and removed the top part.

Sympton-Comes up with nodisc error on the display

Diagnosing the problem
First I inspected the capacitors on the main board-all were OK

Checked the optical pickup was connected-and it is.

Removed and reseated the connectors.

Checked S802 and then reassembled the unit.

Anything else to do later:
May have to clean the OPU several times.

The result:

Powered it on and it works fine most of the time when the above had been carefully cleaned.
Comes up with nodisc
Sometimes it's possible to select tracks.
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The service manual for D-555 has no disassembly instructions.
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I have a D-E201 which won't turn on when run batteries, but will if using AC power.

What could be wrong?

It ran on batteries for a short time today after I brought it home today (got it for a dollar).
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D-211 repair help suggestions


I have a Sony D-211 which, as many have commented, gives a clear and distinct sound, which I would like to resurrect.

I've read through various pages of this thread, in particular page 21, but am still stuck.

When I enter a disc, and press play, the screen lights up fine and the disc spins. There is definitely a 1mm or so disc wobble, which presumably means that the laser, if it is working, can't read the disc accurately? Within about 10 seconds the unit shuts down. I can press the forward/backward keys within this time to change the track number, but it never actually plays before shutting down.

Can anyone suggest if an adjustment is needed somewhere?

I've opened the unit up and oiled the spindle that the laser assembly is on but that hasn't made any difference.

The PSU claims only to give 400mA - could that be an issue?

Several posters referred to "adjusting pots" but I'm not clear what that means. I can't see any potentiometers if that was what it meant.

Also, I can't work out how to test if the laser is on - several posters referred to defeating the shut-off switch that stops the player when the lid is open, but I can't see any obvious such switch. The metal piece in the corner is well away from the PCB so I don't think it's that. At least this would enable me to check whether the laser itself is working.

Any suggestions/help would be much appreciated!
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I have a Sony CD Walkman D-NE320

Whenever I put a disc in and press Enter/Play - a looping Walkman logo displays as well as an icon indicating the player is trying to read the disc. This goes on for a while and the unit never plays anything.

What is wrong?
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I have a Aiwa XP-7.
It will turn on,read the disc and the LCD will light up when on AC power, however after a few seconds it suddenly turns off.

I disassembled the unit and checked to see for blown capacitors-there were none blown and checked all wiring-it was OK.

What is wrong?
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I have a D-11 that won't turn on even on AC power-what could be wrong?
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found some d303 repair pictures from chinese forum:

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I've acquired a D-211 for cheap at a thrift store.

It powers on however when I put a CD in, it tries to spin, then clicks a bit, and that's pretty much it.

I wouldn't know where to start in fixing it - any help would be appreciated !

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Anyone have the service manual for the D-321? I have two units that have weak sound on the headphone out. I suspect the headphone coupling caps. I opened it up but there are a few caps in there. Not sure which ones are which.
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I found what I needed. I'm surprised no one has mentioned a weak phone amp on this model before as I got zero response to my post and after taking the 321 apart it would appear that it would be a common issue in this model especially since I have two of the same model with the same problem. Anyhow I found a place to buy the manual, read the schematics, and replaced the offending caps and both units are up and running again in their former glory.
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Line-out capacitors in Denon DCP-150

My Denon DCP-150 generates a distorted sound from the line-out.

1) The distortion is from the line-out but not from the headphone out
2) The line-out is clean (was treated with contact enhancer)
3) The distortion is high at the beginning of playing (mainly right channel) but gradually disappear after ten minutes.
4) The distortion only appears when the player has been switched off for more than a day.
Do you think that the problem is related to the line-out capacitors?

I attached some DCP-150 internal pictures and I would greatly appreciate if someone can provide me hints where the capacitors are located.

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