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double post
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lol yea i know. but it doesnt do it due to shock. sometimes ill have it on the table and itll happen
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So I picked up a service manual for my 303 the other day. While it tells me how to adjust the 50x pots, what waveforms to look for, etc., it seems that the waveforms pictured in the manual can only be achieved by using a YEDS-18 disc. A regular cd won't cut it.

Does anyone know where I can get one for cheap? Sony sells them through their parts department, but they're $120 or something. That's a little high for something I'll only use once or twice. Another alternative, and probably the one I'd favor, would be to borrow one from someone here on the boards. I just don't know if anybody has one.

The third option, and I don't know if this will work at all, is to make my own. I know that the YEDS-18 discs are created under very strict conditions with simulated "scratches" and such, but the manual says to use the "music" section of the disc. I thought that this may just be a sine wave or something as thats what the waveform for the tracking balance is displayed as in the manual. (My scope was showing noise when I hooked it up to the tracking balace while playing a regular cd. Of course, I wasn't in the proper "test mode" either, so that could have been a problem. I'll need to find a good soldering iron to be sure.)

So...yeah. Looking for YEDS-18. Either cheap or to borrow.

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Hello there ...

I've a Philips MP3/CD DiscPlayer (Expanium 200 Series)

i haven't been using it for a while and it was working Perfectly.

a week ago i tried to play a CD on it ... but it kept on displaying No DISC
when i look good at it i found that it's not spinning the DISC at all!

the Laser-Lens is moving allright ... it's Just the Motor that's not working.

I opened it from the Inside and thought it's the motor ...
I Tested it with power +/- and it worked ...

any Idea what maybe wrong?
thank you in Advance!

(Quick link to the product)
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Originally Posted by steviebee View Post
Hi all
My D-22 plays most everything without demur but on 'electronica' (Popol Vuh; Aphex Twin Ambient vol 2 for example) there's some distortion on some of the notes. Haven't noticed it on other music, apart from some notes of the electric keyboard on The Doors Riders on the Storm, and I've yet to listen to any classical to see if it's there in the strings -don't know why it should be, but I have a feeling it may -long, drawn out notes perhaps).

Any ideas why? The player is in very good condition & appears to work pretty much perfectly otherwise, apart from an occasional break up/skip.
On all electronica or just certain CDs?
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Hi Filburt
Appears mostly on Aphex Twin Vol 2 -deep synthesised bass notes of long duration or at an intense pitch. However, it seems it may be a headphone thing, as playing on my MylarOne X3s produces much less distortion. The distortion is present with other sources...I think the bass may simply be too deep/ for my headphones/IEMs or players to deal with (which surprises me)!
I'm going to try my little-used V moda Bass Freqs just to see if they handle it better...
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May not be best place to ask this. I have an older Sony Casette Walkman that needs repair. Anyone know of someone good at this? I like casettes for listening to vinyl recordings. I know - I'm old fashion.
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I have a D-35 I just bought that plays but skips. I think this seems to be a common issue. It seems like the motor is fine, and I've looked through this thread to try to find a solution, but I'm a little lost over the 382 threads here. I have a mint D-465 I could cannibalized if that helped, as I just love the interface of the D-35. Of course the 465 is so advanced by comparison, so I doubt it would work. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!
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Hi all!
I'm new to this forum, even though I have been visiting here from time to time to read mostly about vintage headphones. Last weekend, however, I stumbled across an old Discman in a swap meet. Since it looked pretty decent, I bought it for some two euros. Well, it turned out to be pretty decent alright, as I was a now a proud owner of Sony D-Z555. Since it needed work, I've been busy reading this thread ever since. Now I have fixed skipping, bad DC connector and a few leaky SMD caps, but the last fault is not so straightforward:

There is distortion in both line out and headphone out at volumes over about 50% of the range. Signal from digital out is clean, as well as from DAC output and even from the output pin of all the following opamps. Yet it distorts at some point on its way out. There is little left to suspect except those few discrete transistors that seem to be scattered along the signal path. Anyoune know what these are, muting transistors or what? I feel I'm as far as I can get without the service manual, so if someone has one, please throw some ideas...

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... D-303 HELP PLEASE !! ...

... Hey Everyone ... I got a used D-303 about 6 months ago from an original owner who hadn't used it since 1997; and even the 5 years it was in use, he hadn't used it for more than 200 hours ... It was kept very safely and secure in storage he added in a temperature and humidity controlled unit ...

... When I recieved the unit, it appeared brand new, with the exception of a bit of paint missing from the "open" button ... The inside looked pristine ... When I played it at first, there was the oh-so-common skipping problem during the first few seconds of the first track, but it was all smooth sailing from there ... I have operated it sparingly for about 20 hours of total use since then and it has operated with the same, very manageable results ...

... Last night, I got a very loud clicking sound whenever I inserted the discman battery or AC adapter or another cd ... I thought it was maybe the motor or the magnetic spindle clamp under the lid, as I didn't think anything else would sound so loud, but I was dumbfounded to see, when I quickly opened the lid, that the laser lens itself was bouncing rapidly as if it were in a seisure !! ... I am certain that the motor and worm gear are operational; I have been told by a very gracious fellow head-fier that the problem is most likely with the optical block ...

... If there's anyone out there who has experience with D-303 repair and has any DIY advice, please reply ... I'd also be willing to pay for a transplant for the more highly-skilled operations this may entail ... I have been told that the D-35 also has the same transport, so ideally, if anyone out there with a bad D-35 or D-303 silcon board has a transport in great condition, I'd gladly pay $50 + shipping for an optical block/transport transplant ... Even better, becasue I've heard these things are a pain to work with, if anyone knows of any repairspeople in the Chicagoland area who have direct experience with D-303s, I'd welcome the hookup ...
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... No, I'm not slowly expiring at all, but the frustration is mounting ... If there's anyone out there who can send me a D-35 / D-303 transport [more importantly, just the optical block] I'll pay for everything, including shipping ... Please respond ...

... Or even better, anyone out there that I may send my beloved D-303 to for repair ... My desperate, unemployed person will gladly pay ... I can up the ante on the $50 ... Not by much, but I can ... Please help me someone; I am the victim of an eBay tragedy ...
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Hello guys.
i bought a D-250 (d25 european version)
but what happens is when is face up, cd spins 2-3 times and then shut down.. doesn't play any cd.
If i put the player upside down it start every cd flowlessly.. what could it be?
the motor needs lubrification?
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I am having the same problem with a d34 I just bought. It plays great but only upside down?? Anyone
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Hi,you guys,anyone knows about philips cd10?it uses cdm2 or cdm4?mine is dying,so im considering to change the piece.
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now im pretty sure it's a cdm2/p.but seems impossible to find one for replacing
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