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Thanks Duncan!

There's a problem with the ribbon thing-a-majigger, except it wasnt out of place, it broke. Maybe I opened and closed it too much so it broke; like bending a metal clothes hanger back and forth until it eventually brakes. O well. Thanks anyway
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Okay, here's the problem. I just received a Sony D-5. I plugged a Radio Shack 9V adapter into the DC jack, and the unit started to smoke. I pulled it, and a few hours later tried the D-5 with it's docking station. It turned on, but nothing else happens (ie the disk doesn't spin, the LCD doesn't change it's display, no response to any button presses). Also, the unit doesn't turn off when I turn the power switch off (yes, there is an on/off switch on the D-5). I opened it up and found that not only does the motherboard surrounding the DC jack look slightly charred, but the ribbon cable leading from the laser unit to the motherboard is severed.
So my questions are these:
1. If the unit powers on, does that mean the dc jack is still functioning properly?
2. I know I need to replace the ribbon cable, but could that also be the reason why the unit will power on, but won't power off until I pull the dc adapter out, or is that problem the result of a fried motherboard?
3. Lastly, if I need a new motherboard, plus ribbon cable, does anyone know where I might be able to find these?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I only got to enjoy the D-5 for a few songs, but what I heard was by far the best I've ever heard. Please help me get this legend back on it's feet...
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Check the polarity of the pcdps with the wallwart.
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Originally posted by puppyslugg
Check the polarity of the pcdps with the wallwart.
I used the D-5 with a separate adapter, and then it's own docking station, so polarity isn't the issue, although I do know it's center negative.
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If the unit worked for a little while, then I really don't know if the severed ribbon connector is at fault...

I'd have thought you'd need a whole transport transplant... in that case... bye bye D5

Strange that you say the unit is ON, even when it is switched OFF...
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I think you misunderstood me. It worked at first in the docking station. The I tried the Radio Shack 9V, and it charred the motherboard. I believe I tore the ribbon cable when I opened it to see what had happened. The ribbon I assume was intact before I opened it.
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D-141 Repair

Today I fixed my (OK, it's technically my little brothers', through a long and boring story...) D-141, after dropping it onto hard ground off about a 6 foot pole. After it's landing, I attempted to play a disc, and my first clue that something was wrong was that it wasn't showing the total tracks/minutes when it first read it. Then, it got onto Track 00, and sat there reading the disc over, and over, and over. Eventually it would play if you manually moved it to Track 01, but it took about 30 seconds. I read this Sticky and another repair thread mentioned in it, and took mine apart. There are three pots in there, each with an orangish-yellowish screw.


Laid out something like that on the board, with the LCD facing you. The one on the upper left, *do not touch*. I haven't the slighest clue what it does, but the disc refuses to play unless it's in a precise position (slightly left of center, I believe)

The one on the lower right seems to control rotational speed. I attempted slowing it down, with the idea that it might improve battery life, but it didn't seem to slow it down much unless it was on the extreme right, in which case it wouldn't read.

The one in the middle is the one you want. I assume this has something to do with the tracking mechanism. Normally, it's slightly left of center. If you turn it to the right, it constantly skips, even if sitting still. I cranked it all the way to the left, and it improved it's skip resistance some. More importantly, it greatly decreases the time to recover from a skip. Before it would take about 2 seconds from a bump. Now, maybe 1/10 of a second.

Hope this is of help to someone.


EDIT: Had to add "_" to move + to neccesary positions.
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My d-777 works fine on short CDs (under 60 min) but makes has some problems (squeaking noises) on longer ones. What up? A piece of dirt on the laser tracking mechanism?
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You could well be right, there could be some debris on the worm gear... else, with a CD on the spindle, if you free-wheel the CD does it rotate completely on the level? I know of a couple of Discmen where the CD holding assembly was damaged, and that made it harder for the lens to read the CD at the outer limits of the CD because the disc kept moving up and down...

...worth a quick investigation?
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I think I'm level. I'll have to check the gear sometime... Thanks, man.
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The CD player in my car skips like an exciter little girl. I'm guessing that it's a tracking problem. It's a Blaupunkt. Does anyone have any advice as to how to adjust the tracking on it? Same 5 pots as mentioned in that other thread? Thanks!
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Another DIY discman repair thread here on repairing my D-2.
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How much is enough when lubricating the worm gear?
Also when cleaning the gear I can only manage to clear up until you're restricted by the lens assembly.
How do I clean beyond that?
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d35/350 restored!

after so much lurking and reading DIY tips (esp. this thread), I've finally restored my beloved d350. It took 3 sleepless nights of trial and error (mainly pots 502,503,505 & 504..don't know but it worked).. And last nite.. my beloved d350 after 8 or 9 years in coma, it finally joins the company of my 4 d777, d915, 2dej01...and now i'm looking forward to a d303 in a few days..

yepey!!!.. (but i've got only 2 ears to listen to....)
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Congrats on the repairs on the D350

I wonder how Mat Bon's repairs are going...

Any news Mat?
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