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Uhm... this might be overdoing it a little bit. The cable construction looks decent and I didn't see absolutely any safety hazard in it. Since these really sound like serious claims of "safety", I wouldn't want to jump the gun. The wire itself as well as the connectors are all spec'd above what they are used for and I think any and all custom cable using good (and safety approved) components, while maintaining proper consturciton should be safe. I highly doubt any small audio company actually has their cables certified. I know I'm adding a dangerous word by saying "proper" construction, but even the squeezed wire doesn't look very pretty in the IEC connector, it still looks properly done.
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This all reminds me of a nice story from Hans Christian Anderson:

The Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen (1805-75) adapted by Stephen Corrin in Stories for Seven-Year-Olds. London 1964
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Originally Posted by FallenAngel View Post
I feel this thread is about to get deleted but it does make me feel good about having plans to build my own power cord.
It shouldn't be deleted. Jude himself once did a very similar exposition of a VD cable:

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Originally Posted by dgbiker1 View Post
RLC doesn't affect DC... but power cables handle AC My point was that what minimal effect the cable properties have on the 120VAC signal will be pretty much gone by the time you've been through AC-DC conversion and passed through the active components. And the effect will be much less than normal psychological and physiological variability.
RLC is freq dependent based on the lumped wire model.

I can measure power cable difference in my spkr system. approx 1dB better bass extension at 30Hz on a tone sweep going from Volex to Black Sand Violet; granted I haven't had the time to measure the VD cables, but the bass extension is too obvious for me to bother to measure.

On the topic of VD and its response to a genuine concern posed by one of our members. The response and conduct displayed by VD is unprofessional. If the VD rep implied that the 'free cable' is somehow different from that of the retail version and the 'free' version is inferior to that of the original; then that's 'bait and switch' and is not only unethical business practice (fraud) but maybe unlawful in different states. OTOH, if the Power3 is truly constructed with an aggregated parts some of which was shown on the 1st page, then VD at least owes a moral duty to explain to its customers the justification behind charging them $150 for $15 worth of raw material.

We will not reprimand you for making a profit; as long as its reasonable; and you are not profiteering off of our community because you are a trusted member (cough.. this applies to other cable makers besides VD).

I love the VD cable but I think they need to re-think their marketing strategy and their communications.
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The construction is a little dodgy, but I wouldn't expect much of a $150 cable... especially when the company also sells cables that cost over $1k. I mean, there has to be some difference between the different models, right?

What really surprises me is the lack of maturity on the VD reps responses. I wonder if the company realizes what a ****** they have speaking for them here on head-fi?
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Originally Posted by philodox View Post
What really surprises me is the lack of maturity on the VD reps responses. I wonder if the company realizes what a ****** they have speaking for them here on head-fi?
I never got how that word got started as a form of an insult, but I'm totally with you on that. Never have I seen such disgusting behavior from somebody who is supposed to represent the company at its finest of behavior and communication to its customers.

Not that they'll be getting many now anyway.
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Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule View Post
I never got how that word got started as a form of an insult.
Me neither, though it has become a personal favourite in any case.
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Originally Posted by gz76 View Post
I don't know... when you look at the material costs, it seems one sided, but when you factor in labour, marketing, R&D, market demand, and other business costs (as you would if you were seriously trying to keep a business running), it doesn't seem so bad. I just looked up the price on this cable and it's $152.50 without any middle-man mark-up. For some people it's worth it to not have to DIY it.
...Are you serious? I haven't even read through the thread yet, but I just cannot believe someone would actually post such a thing. Are you in denial, or something?

BJC cables are built better than this thing and cost less.
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Originally Posted by c0mfortably_numb View Post
That was my question to, I just bit my tongue, as I really don't feel like being flamed, but as the old saying goes Curiosity killed the cat.
Seems in this case the curious cat killed Virtual Dynamics. Maybe soon. Literally!
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Originally Posted by OverlordXenu View Post
BJC cables are built better than this thing and cost less.
Not that I don't agree with you in general, but does Blue Jeans make a power cable?
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Our cables are rigorously tested. The comment was regarding irrelevant cosmetic issues.

We try to do something nice and this is what we get?
Most here have no grounds to comment on maturity levels? You honestly think this whole thread passes a grade 2 level?
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At least we've all learned how to make a decent DIY power cord, including some interesting aesthetic decisions to add girth and weight.

I hadn't considered building my own until I read this thread... Some wire, some connectors, garden hose, filler, Techflex...

markl mentions in Jude's original dissection thread that Rick (VD guy) claimed the filler was the "secret sauce" of their cables. It might be interesting to find out whether this sandblasting metal dust has any sort of electrical benefit, possibly along the same line as a ferrite core?
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I am sure their Genesis is made of the same LHHN wire..., just 6 gauge. This also pretty much throws out markl's reviews (build quality of 7 on VD cables, are you kidding? Hot glue and electrical tape?!). This really changes everything. People claim that this cable "sounds" better than cables that are actually well made with quality materials, therefore, it has to all be thrown out because of placebo. This thread makes me happy.
I rated the Nite cables which are many steps above the Power 3, their intro cable. If you'd like to put $1500 down on a Nite cable and pull it apart, more power to ya. But, since I've held the thing (several of them) in my hand and you haven't, I can tell you, the 7 rating is accurate. And, no, I didn't tear apart and open any of the other cables either (yet I also rated those), but again, I invite you to use your own funds and try it yourself.

VD used to say the Power 3 was stranded wire and not solid-core single conductor. You can tell this by the way the 3 bends and flexes back, where the solid core conductor cables up the line hold their shape like wire clothes hangers do when bent. Their new site seems to indicate the Power 3 has "Lini Pure" conductors, maybe this is a mis-communication between design and marketing, I don't know.

Defend them to the end... Its a cheap-*** piece of housing wiring put in a garden hose to make it appear thicker
The hose is to house the one piece of special sauce the Power 3 has, which is the dampening material (i.e. "Dynamic Filtering"). If you held one in your hands, it would be obvuious it was housed in a rubber "hose"/sheath, so it shouldn't be a shocking revelating to see it when you open it up.

It's their bottom-of-the-line cable, and lacks all the bells and whistles of the better stuff. At that cheap price, you get their basic cable with Dynamic Filtering which does make a nice difference as many many people have reported here and elsewhere.

Again, the irony of ironies is that the folks who feign shock and awe are the same ones who claim that power cables make no difference anyway. Yet they complain that there aren't diamonds and rubies inside to justify the cost, when absolutely nothing inside would justify the cost in their eyes.

Speaking of diamonds, how much do you think it costs to "make" a 1 karat diamond? Pick it up off the ground, cut it and mount it and sell it for $100K. Why do these sorts of discussions always have to end up in re-educating people about capitalism. We always seem to have a lot of socialists/communists on these boards.

There's this concept called *value*. Value is totally independent of the *cost* to make something (see diamond example). If it performs at a level commensurate or better than other competing products at its price point (as the VD cords do), then it is good value for the dollar, regardless of what it costs to make.

That's how we decide to make decisisons in the marketplace, we spend our money based on value of the performance of the product, not its cost of manufacture (which is almost always unknown to us).

You also always have to re-educate people that there is more to the cost of any product than the cost of materials (which will almost always be your smallest and least important cost in bringing anything to market).

And, horror of horrors, in a capitalist system, you will be shocked to learn there's an actual *discrepancy* between what you pay for something and what it cost to bring to market. Yikes!
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Originally Posted by Acoustic Chef View Post
But guess what, it wasn't..?

Boohoo go make ur own.
Skillz, I must say, you aren't very good at rhetoric.

Originally Posted by abs@nilenet.com View Post
Wow! I am shocked by how a well respected Member of the Trade is acting in this thread. Is this Head-fi or kindergarten?

In addition, are you saying that the free cables were inferior to the cable with the same name that you sell for money?

Happy Listening!
If you've known him elsewhere, this is how he usually acts.
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I love that cat!

So, let's see, garden hose + hot glue + vanilla copper wires + sand blast pelts = $$$

With this much profits, has Rick bought himself yacht yet?

I always wanted to have a yacht, maybe I should start my own audiophile cable company. Let's see, since sand blast pelts is proprietary stuff (I think VD has a patent pending on that "filtering" technology), I may just have to resort stuffing my garden hose cables with kitty litter, especially used kitty litter. You will be amazed at the wonders of what organic filtration will do to your sound!
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