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Great headphone rack

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If you're looking for a nice place to put your headphone gear, the Sound Organization seems to be an excellent rack:

The retail on them is US$290, but Audio Advisor has one demo left (I bought the other ) for $145 and free shipping:
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It's nice but not everyone has a X-Ray CD player, my Marantz wll never fit on that.
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MacDEF, if you are able to do so, please post a picture of your setup once you have it lovingly arranged on that cool-looking rack. That thing looks heavy-duty and mighty impressive.
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I sure will, but it might take a while I got that in anticipation of the rest of my headphone rig I'm not sure when I'll be filling it in completely...

raymondlin, I actually have an NAD CD player that will sit on the top shelf But if anyone has an X-RAY they'd like to sell...
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Hey that looks hot. Perfect lil stand for a headphone setup. Only will your CDP fit nicely on top? I hope the corners dont stick out all funny.
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that does look sweet, expecially if you had a nice headphone stand to display your headphones right on top...
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Neruda, the problem is that until someone gives me an X-RAY I have to put my CDP on top. I was thinking of building some hooks on the sides to hang my headphones -- since the shelves are adjustable, that means there must be extra bolt holes in the supports. I should be able to find some wrap-around hooks to attach to some of the extra support holes.

It's supposed to be delivered early this week
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Neruda, I'm still waiting on my upgrades, but my latest "rack mod" (hey, everything else here gets mod'ed, why not racks? ) is headphone holders!

I got some L-brackets and attached two to each side of the rack (via the interior shelf support holes, pre-drilled for adjustable shelves) so that they stick directly out the sides. I then got some 3/4" pipe couplers (the type that have bolts to hold the pipes together) and attached those to the L-brackets. The net effect is that I have four 2" knobs (about 1" in diameter) sticking out the sides of the rack, two to a side. I can now hang four full-size sets of cans on the rack, and the cords slide neatly under the bottom, out of sight.

This is becoming the ultimate headphone rack Top shelf for CDP, 2nd for headphone amp, third for other misc equipment, bottom shelf holds my 30 favourite headphone CDs. I have a small office off the living room, and once I get my new CDP and Max, I'm going to seal myself in for a week LOL
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I sort of want one of these for my headphones:

Pretty nice, huh? Of course, first I need some good headphones
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Ohhhh oooooh oooooo where can I order that Neruda?
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I thought about a stand or rack, Neruda, but I realized that I already have three pair of full-sized headphones, and I'm sure I'll be getting more I would need a row of them LOL

You can order those through Stax, though, right?
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It's a great price. Too bad besides RKV, nothing in my setup fits in there.
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no idea where you order that or how much it costs, but it sure is nice, huh? Maybe you can order through the Stax site, I don't know. If only Headroom stocked them...
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