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Which IEM? Q-jays, SE420 or SE530

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Hi, I`m looking to buy som new IEm for use with my X5. I listen to both classical (mostly chamber) and jazz, but my main diet is rock, r&b and blues. Some of my faves: Beatles, Cake, Aerosmith, S.R. Vaughan, Muddy Waters.
So which IEM should I get? The Q-Jays, Shure SE420 or 530. I can`t audition any of these localy so I`ll just have to make an informed decision based on reviews, and of course the excellent advice from the gurus here.
My home rigg is built around a AT W1000 and a Sony MDR F1, both with tubeamp and lossless encoded music from a Dell laptop via a Yamaha USB mixer. I very much like the sound of this setup. As for budget the Q-Jays can be had here in Norway for 215 USD, the SE420 cost 400 USD and SE530 590 USD (streetprices). Are the Shures that much better or can I save a bit getting the Q-Jays? I`ve also looked into the line from UE, but these look somewhat uncomfy and Frankensteinish
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The SE530s are not worth $200 more than the SE420s. They shouldn't be that different in price. Normally they are about $100 different, and for that amount, the SE530s are worth it. I have tried both extensively, and I ultimately went with the 530s because I could get them for only $60 more than the 420s. Both are great heaphones.
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Just found a vendor selling 530s for 560 USD. Also, how do the Q-jays stack up against the Shure phones?
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SE530 is definitely the answer, it is one of the best in market and there isn't any alternative can defeat it in all aspects. However, to get the best output from SE530, you need to pay attention on pairing it with a good source, amplifier and cable to push it to edge. Don't say SE530 is not worth, it only means you haven't tried to hear its best sound with appropriate setup.
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There is an extensive comparison of the SE530 and Qjays, you can find it if you search. I think it was "ClausDK" that compared them.
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I would like to recommend the Futuresonics Atrio M5 IEMs for your consideration, as these are another set of IEMs that were favorably compared to the SE530's in terms of SQ. I won't elaborate much since there's already a massive thread on these IEMS, but these offer a grand soundstage that's uncommon in IEMs, giving you a much more 'live' feeling. It's excellent in the mid and high range, and the bass, while punchy, is incredibly deep and controlled. Also check these out, if you get the chance.
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I the 500s and the Q-Jays and prefer the Q-Jays. It really comes down to whether or not you can deal with the rolled off treble of the Shures, because otherwise they sound marvelous. But I missed the sparkle too much.
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if you search the forums, you'll find some people prefer the 420 to the 530, not on absolute terms though but with several factors in mind
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Thank y`all for your advice so far. After reading ClausDK`s excellent thread on the Q-Jays compared to the SE530 (and a few other reviews) I`ve decided to order a pair of Q-Jays. I tend to like stuff thats neutral, and then add any eq or other "colour" i like depending on mood and what i listen to. Also I`ll save some dough which instead can go towards more good and groovy music ;-)
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