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I bought a pair MDR-D66 Eggos from erikzen. He was very helpful, and answered my incessant questions. The headphones came in great condition. The delivery was several days late, but that was probably because it was during the holidays . Great dealer.
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Sold Erik my Creative NJB3. Super fast payment and great communication throughout the transaction. A pleasure to deal with.
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Sold Erik my Headphile HD 25 replacement cable. I can only say "ditto" to all of his other positive feedback. The transaction was entirely positive. Good communcation with a prompt decision and Paypal purchase. He's a good Head-Fi trader and has my recommendation.
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I sold Erik my iRiver SlimX iMP-550 - he paid promptly and communicated throughout the exchange. I would do business with him any day.
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I sold a pair of PXC-250's to Erik and he was a pleasure to deal with. Fast decisions, good communications, and all that good stuff. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

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I sold my ATH-EW9 to Erik and it was a great transaction. Erik offered me a very fair price for the product, was very communicative and paid promptly. I would gladly deal with Erik again.

Best regards,

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Bought a pair of E2c's from Erik. He was very patient and held the phones a week for me, while I transferred money into my paypal account. He shipped them out within hours of receiving the money and the product arrived the next day. The headphones are exactly as he described, in excellent condition in original packaging and everything included (even the registration card).

A+ I would deffinetly deal with Erik again.

Oh yeah, and the price was really good too.
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All's well. I started Erik on his path to record-cleaning heaven. (Don't be running that thing past dark or your neighbors will wonder!)

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I had a very positive experience with this head fier!
Erikzen purchased one of my sky blue mini and the transaction went without a hitch, Highly recommended!
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Bought a SuperMacro from Erik.
Great price, great communication, lightning fast shipping. Recommended!
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Bought an XP-7 from Erik. Great transaction!
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Eric sent a SMacro V1, with which he included an IC. He generously did not charge for the added ear-candy.

Great communicator. Fair. Upright.

Thumbs up.
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I bought the Meathead version 2 from Erik.
The communication is excellent,
and Erik truly is a very helpful guy.

I would not hesitate to deal with Erik again.
Thanks a lot again, Erik!
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A perfect loan that turned into a transaction. We all know Erik is a gentleman. It was my total pleasure. Enjoy.
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Sold Erik, the genteel one, a a BPT fatty power cord - fast pay and superior communication. If your box should light up with his handle, pour a spot of tea, then rejoice while contemplating the sublime art of biodegradable peanuts.

5 stars
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