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I sold Erik a custom made META42. He sent payment promptly and was a pleasure to deal with. Great guy and would love to deal with him again!
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I sold Erik a pair of SR40s. The deal was as smooth as can be. A real class act. I will not hesitate to deal with him again!

:thumbsup: !
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Had a fast and easy transaction with Erik. Quick payment, quick communication. Would deal with again anytime.
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I bought a portable amp from erikzen. HE PUT NEW BATTERIES INTO IT, and threw in a mini-to-mini cable. Great transaction, great guy!
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I traded some opamps with erikzen. I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. Great guy to deal with and everything was as described. Thanks Again!
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Sold a D-303 to erikzen. Though I had some problems with shipping (the zipcode changed on me for some reason..), he was very courteous and understanding, and throughout the transaction, I never had a problem getting a hold of him.

This was a very positive experience dealing with erikzen, and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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erikzen just bought a 1/4" to mini IC and a 1/4" to RCA IC from me recently, and everything went very smoothly. I highly recommend him!
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A Great Guy

Not only did erikzen step outside the claustriphobic box of Hammond-cased bellybutton DIY amps by buying Meathead version 2, but he proudly took it to the NYC meet at John Grado's house and it knocked some skulls!

Thanks for being different erikzen, and for being a great Head-Fi'er!

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Great person to deal with. Thanks and enjoy.
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I know Erik from a couple of Head-Fi meets at the Grado's. I enjoy comparing opinions with him. He recently bought a TV from me. He came over my house, and we met each other's families. I would buy or sell anything with him.
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I sold erikzen my Senn HD25-1. Doing business with Erik is an easy pleasure.
He paid promptly without a lot of tedious back and forth. He quickly let me know that the headphones arrived safely. I wish all transactions were as smooth.
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I bought an Airhead amp from erikzen. He mailed the package the same day and provided the tracking number immediately. Would definitely do business with him again.
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I bought a Px 200 and Ksc-35 from Erik and both arrived here from overseas in perfect condition. Packing was excellent due to an excessive use of bubble wrap. I am very pleased with the transaction also mostly because Erik is a great person to deal with.
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bought some portapro's from him, came very fast and amazing price!
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I bought the META42 from erikzen, very smooth transaction. He even through in a mini-mini cable and a new battery. A+ seller.

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