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DIY amp recommendations

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I need some help picking a good DIY headphone amp project. Out of the projects on Headwise, I'm trying to decide on these two:

The Aren van Warde OTL amp:

The modified Morgan Jones by Bruce Bender:

I like those because of the simplicity of construction and cheap parts. I don't know anything about circuitry, but I definitely want to build an OTL tube amp. I do care about sonics however and want to build a great sounding amp. I have Sennheiser HD600 headphones.

I would love to hear some opinions on which amp I should build, or even if there is a different design that will work better.

Kevin Whilden

ps. this is an awesome forum.. wish I had discovered it sooner.
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Tough choice... on one hand the 6DJ8 family can sound amazing but OTOH it would be nice to avoid an output transformer. If it was me I would probably try the OTL one first because I don't have an OTL tube amp, and I do have a Melos SHA-1 (6DJ8) :-)

Check Handmade Electronics (http://www.hndme.com/) for supplies, I really like the IAG terminal boards he has for tube stuff, they include a thick copper ground plane and are tough enough to reuse several times. I threw out the PCB from my HD83 kit and built it on one of these instead.
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