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The AKG K80

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Akustische und Kino- G eräte K80 reconstruction and Moding

This thread is for the *K340 aera/insert year?* dynamic Headphone not for the early noise-canceling earphone nor for the later production

  • INFO

They are of a very simple but rather sturdy construction.
The 30mm dynamic driver is housed in a simple 2 piece plastic enclosure with no damping, backwaves can escape trough 14 angeld slots on the rear

I'll try to log every step
Phase 1 inspection
Phase 2 cleaning
Phase 3 Recabling and mods
  • Phase one: inspection

My pair has no earpads left but as far as i can get by guessing, they were foam pads glued onto the baffle. The outer diameter is exactly 80mm were they are glued onto the baffle

The earcup is a 2 piece assembly , the baffle is simply pressed/clipped into the rear-cup , you can pry it open along the edge.
The attachment to the plastic headband is made via small clips that slide(11steps) on a rail on the headband side and can swivel a few degree on the vertical axis and a little less on the horizontal axis on the earcup side.
To detach the earcups from the headband you simply have to push farther then maximum on the vertical axis

Theres a simple but effective strain relief with a rubber part clipped into to rearcup from inside and the cable attached to the baffle

The driver slides into the baffle from the rear and is secured by some glue ressembling to Pattex,it is not secured by any clips

The grey plastic is rather soft so be careful when taking it out, use either needlenose pliers and some padding or carefully pry out around the edge.

The driver measures 200Ω

Now, lets get back to that baffle

The driver is partly covered by the plastic baffle.
There are 8 holes 6,1mm in dia. covered by some nonwovenfabric

more pics coming here

I need suggestions on what to do for the earpads
I'm going to clean it and find some pads then it will be recabled before the mods start, i want to hear it before as from a padless impression you cant realy judge the sound .. So far i have in mind to try some damping and maybe fiddle with the drivercover..
Depending on how things turn out im open to whereever it leads me though

btw sound is very interestin so far ,seems fast but theres something i'd describe as a plasticy signature maybe some odd reverb
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Looks very similar to the K145. Except where the baffle is more similar to the K141.

I'm gonna throw out HD465 pads as a comfortable option, but no idea if that's the best option.
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They sure look rather comfy .. any chance anyone could aproximate their outer diameter?

Ah these K145 sure look similar! That's what actualy lead me to the K80 purchase , i thought it was a hybrid too (well new year's day)
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As my pair was particularly clean all i could do was getting rid of some dust and grit on the plastic parts.This was easiest with some light cidric acid( i suggest one of those lemon formed plastic squeeze bottles) and water.


I'm currently testing different ear pad types.
  • Limited time lead to iteration number one
    the ugly phone

    pic is courtesy of contrastique

    These foamies are built in two layer one base layer giving a closed backside with a hole to fit the protruding part housing the driver.And a 2.5*4*6cm frame giving a little seal some distance and astonishing comfort

    Comfort as said is better than expected once you get the pads to stay where you want them.
    The sound is quite "open", no overemphasized frequencies but lacking in bass extension and impact. Orchestral recordings sound a little distant.
    Bass and presence are alot better if the pads are slightly compressed, i think this is mostly due to the lower distance of the driver and not the seal.

  • Pleather v1

    As the bass comes a little short with the square foam pads i wanted to try something that puts them closer to the head and seals a little better

    The pleather pads of a Phillips SBC HP195 fit great so i gave them a go

With those pads the driver-ear distance is very low and my ears basicaly embrace the driver housing.
Isolation is a lot better than with the foamies,the seal is way better of course.
Soundwise it is just to much though, bass is extremely overemphasized and boomy, high frequencies are overpowered and seem to be gone.
Overall the headphones now sound muddy,congested and uncontrolled. They seem to inherit the phillips characteristics and exagerate them
  • Coming Next

With the pad resting on the auricle presentation gets more pleasent so i will try to raise the distance with the pleather pads.
I'm also going to try square foamies with less distance,maybe different foam aswell, and if i can source them i'll try some standart foam pads
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