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Goldring GX200 Impressions thread

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I posted this in the DR150 thread:
Originally Posted by niko-time View Post
Oooo, I have just received my Goldring GX200. Lovely pronounced bass (if sometimes slightly over-pronounced) and pretty good everything else plus a slight dark side to it which I love; it makes these phones fun.

Now, I'm no fool and these are in no way shape or form better than the SE530's but they have a nicer fit (but less isolation) and much easier to fit in (so I can actually share the music without getting other peoples gunk in them), and are more suited in a school environment.

Consequently, my brand new paid of SE530's are now listed on eBay

I'm a happy bunny.

Note: I prefer these to the ER-6i.
After further listening I have decided that they are perhaps a tad too bassy (but I do not listen nor likely much bassy music...) so a simple Bass reducer in my iPod EQ made things better.


Goldring GX200 Headphones review - AVForums

What are your thoughts?
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these are definitely worth looking into... one of the best under-100$ IEMs... especially for those who like guitars and vocals... with the GX200s, they are quite something... i'd say they're about on par with ATH-CK7s, just with another sound sig...
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Wow they do ship quickly in the UK! Glad to see they have arrived intact. We should exchange feedback.

I found them too bassy as well, hence why I sold them. I used treble booster EQ which boosts the treble a little more than bass reducer. They do however have a lovely thick, smooth midrange, but apart from that I refer the CK7s in that price range.
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I didn't find them too bassy though, especially when compared to some other canalphones out there (e.g my Creative EP630).

I found that they're quite refined overall, with a very warm and relaxed sound signature.

Detail was ot bad either, and male vocals were somewhat of a joy to listen from it, very liquid like.

The highs are no slouch either. While they don't stand out like the lows and mids, they still give life to instruments like the triangle.

Very good price/performance IMO. Very good for those who'd enjoy a relaxed, laid back presentation...... Ahhhhhhh...... zzzzzz
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From the descriptions I've read, I'd be very interested in seeing a GX200 vs. Atrio m5 shootout. I love my Atrios, but it can never hurt to keep on collecting...right?
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i think jant71 said the goldrings are better than the atrio m5, but i'd be kind of surprised considering the price difference between the two... i got them for 60 euros shipped!!! which is less than 90$... the atrios are twice the price....
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Okay, this is odd, the left channel has suddenly died. Like, completely.

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this happened to jant71 too.... luckily, you live in the uk and can send it back to get fixed for free.... i hope this doesn't happen to me... he said it was something with too much adhesive tape on the driver so not enough air flowing in...
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Goldring rang me after I emailed them; you have to do the RMA with the shop you bought it from, luckily red included a receipt. I phoned up arena electronics and have posted off the phones with a photocopy of the receipt, hopefully should get them back fairly soon.
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hope that works out for you, i think these in-ear phones are really something special, there's not many headphones, in-earphones or whatever that sound even near their sound signature... let's keep this thread going.... i'm trying to recommend them to people, get some more opinions on them.... it would be nice if some more experienced head-fiers would get them, so these can get as popular as Sennheiser CX300s or Audio-Technica ATH-CK7s....
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I still haven;t recieved the phones/heard anything about them from the company. Should I just be patient?
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Can any GX200 users comment on how do they handle sibilance (my arch-nemesis)?
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do you mean sibilant voices like muse or other ones? well the highs are not that pronounced and not bright at all so no real sibilance...
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Originally Posted by Shauntell47 View Post
do you mean sibilant voices like muse or other ones? well the highs are not that pronounced and not bright at all so no real sibilance...
Yes, it's primarily in vocals (e.g. hard "s" and "f" sounds) that any undue sibilance bothers me. Though I know the DR-150's sound sig is very different, my well burned in pair still emphasizes sibilance enough to be distracting (despite them being quite good in other regards). Glad to hear you don't think this is an issue with the GX200s.
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no, no way near the sibilance you get with Audio-Technica ATH-CK7 earphones, if you've ever heard them or probably Grados too...
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