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FS: Costum AKG Pads for K340, as well as K240 and maybe others - Page 4

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Originally Posted by KT88 View Post

I have one pair left at the moment, but if I'll see there are more people that steel need these, I'll try and get some more.


Do You have some pads available?

What is the price?


Best regards

Jan Gunnar

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The price remains the same as in the original post. I have a few pairs available.

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Do you still have any pads left?


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At the moment I don't have any left. However, I'm supposed to get them in a few days (a few HF members asked about them so I've ordered a few more pairs).


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I am also interested in a pair, please keep us updated!  =)

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Have a few more pairs once more :)

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I need a pair of pads if available? Please send me PM.

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Any pairs of pads left for the AKG K340?


Please, let me know.



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Hello Anatoli, can I still buy from you the oversize K340 pads ??   pretty please :-)

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