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Nuts and washers

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I have three Noble pots from Carl that came without the mounting hardware. I have been to all of the local electronics and hardware stores looking for the right size...but to no avail. I think they are either 8mm or 12mm. Does anyone have any spares?
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I know you know what a datasheet is you lazy... :)

It's Noble, thank you.

datasheet says: M7 x 0.75

Lots of pots use this, it's pretty standard.

Try a local hardware store... should be 0.10 or so. If you get stuck, you can buy a bagfull of them from say Mouser for $3 per 100.
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I will include some with your mug and pots
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I swear I typed NOBLE the first time. Damn keyboard.

Thanks Danny.
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Do you have the Hansen boards yet? I want three thousand for a few Christmas presents.
Nah, Just about three will be fine.
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