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IEM Help

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Q1/....I love my DT 250-80's and the great bass they have.I listen to primarily hip hop and rap (80%) (underground,no mainstream) with some jazz and blues,and a little prog rock now and then,with some Bluegrass and stuff
like Alison Krauss & Union Station on occasion.

Now I want another IEM other then Shure (My SE210K just broke)

I want an IEM that will give me bass as good or better then these cans but in IEM format.

Q2/....Which have better bass ? UE 5Pro not the Eb's(dont want em,too damn big,I have smallish ears),or the Q Jays ?

Price range upto 300 USD.
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I would say that the SF5 Pro has stronger bass. q-Jays are more balanced.
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First off,thanks for the feedback !

And second,have you heard both ?
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I have not heard both, but the general consensus on here is that q-Jays are pretty balanced IEMs. SF5 Pro, on the other hand are not and are generally said to have strong bass.

I have the SF5 Pro and I think that they're great. They can really put out the bass.
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Have you heard the DT250's ?
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