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possible to switch drivers?

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My RP-21 has some cosmetic damages and it is also quite uncomfortable. My Zalman headphones are comfortable but don't sound so good. So i am asking if it is possible to put the drivers of the RP-21 in the frame of the Zalman headphones?

the zalman headphoens: http://www.sk.co.yu/2004/06/sktd15a.velika.jpg
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Is it possible? Quite likely, though I'm not familiar with the Zalman's so I don't know if it could be a direct swap or if modifications to the driver or housing would be needed to make one fit in the other. However, keep in mind that the Zalman's drivers were made to sound 'right' for the Zalmans and the same is true for the RP-21. Doing what you want to do may result in a change to the sound signature, and while it may be a good change, or no change, keep in mind that it could also be a not-so-pleasant change. In many case, modifications, such as drilled out holes, spacers, dampening material, etc, can alter the sound as well. The idea is one that is fun though, and if you want to, go crazy with it man!
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You might need to make a new baffle or mod the zalman one to get it to work, but in principle it can be done. The only way to find out how hard it will be is to take off the pads, disassemble the headphones enough to get the existing baffles off, and take a look. Maybe post some pictures. It's true the drivers might not work quite right with the new housing, but then again they might. Blu-tak is your friend in getting the drivers to fit the Zalman baffle, assuming as I think is likely that they won't just snap into place. I'd also keep around some damping material to experiment with when tuning the sound of the drivers in the new housing.
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Do it! Building frankenphones is great fun! Plus, you never know what you might end up with. My greatest result came from putting a pair of DT880 drivers into an old Sennheiser HD590 chassis. It took some doing but the results were amazing.

Let us know how it sounds.
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I semi-tried and i think the RP-21's drivers are way too big to fit in the Zalman's frame.
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What about switching the drivers of the Sony MDR-ZX600 and XB600's? Both have 40mm drivers

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