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Originally Posted by Shiesty View Post
if you get a motorcycle be sure to take the msf course

It's a good course. Don't skimp on safety gear either.
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I need to get another bike... anybody wanna buy my car?

If you never had a bike before, once you own one and like it, you'll always want a bike. Almost like what they say about tatoos. I'd recommend a bike just because of the hills in that area, it would give you a little more "umph" getting around. Im not sure if a 50cc-150cc scooter would give you access to every hilly street or give you problems at lights in said areas. However, I'm a fan of Vespas.
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Originally Posted by ronin74 View Post
@Tech2; How long have you been riding? (rhetorical question, not to be answered) I have been riding long enough to know that whenever motorcycles are brought up in a public forum, whether it be a party, a dinner, a bar, a safety nazi feels personally obligated to point out the unmitigated truth that motorcycles are DANGEROUS. Fact is Consumer Reports will not even review motorcycles because they are so inherently DANGEROUS.
So be it.
I don't have any problem whatsoever with that, which is why I normally don't comment in such instances. In this case, I felt compelled to respond since I didn't want the OP to misled by some alleged "ER nickname". To imply that a scooter is somehow safer than a motorcycle is uninformed and irresponsible, and not at all helpful to the OP.

I suppose it's just like anything else that involves risk. An example is when I tell people that I have to get eye surgery. They inevitably tell me about the brother's-friend's-mother's-cousin who went blind after the very same procedure, even though the success rate is 98.8%. Thank you.

(BTW, I've been a "donor" for 35-years. )
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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post
So you think any bike from the 80's is going to need a lot of work to keep going? The engine only has a couple thousand miles on it. But I guess all the wiring, etc is still 25 years old.
This is all you really need:

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As for scooters, they get great gas mileage and depending on model, have excellent hard storage for light grocery shopping. Downside is darty handling at high speeds and small oil capacity means frequent oil changes... like every 800 miles if you're climbing hills all the time. (SF area)

Depending on your skill level, I would recommend getting something larger than a 250cc motorcycle as they don't have enough poop to get out of their own way when accelerating from a dead stop. Look at a used 400-500cc
in the japanese standard class such as Kaw 500EX, Suzi GS, etc...
A dual purpose bike is also great for urban commuting if you have the inseam. Great vantage point, can weasel thru tight spots and pop over curbs. Mount a hardbox to the back and get a backpack/tankbag setup and you're all set!
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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post
I live in San Francisco, and I find myself using my car alot. I feel bad about using so much gas with everything that is going on in the world right now, not to mention the prices!

So Im going to buy either a small motorcycle (250cc to 350cc)or a scooter to get around town. Which would you recomend?

here's advantages I can see to a scooter:
Easier to weave between traffic
better gas miilage (90-100 mpg!)
easier to drive if I ever wear a kilt

Motorcycle advantages:
feels way more badass
I can take it on the freeway

CONS: worse gas mileage (50-60mpg)

Im pretty set on Honda, but only like 80%, and its not really based on anything

Ive been looking at a used 1980-84 Honda CM 250 Custom. its a nice, basic bike, and i like the looks of it. ive read that parts are hard to come by though, and that worries me

here's what I would look like riding it (note the hot babe on the back )

for scooters, Ive been looking at an old Honda Elite 150. But there's also an elite 50 that someone is selling with a mullosi 70cc race motor. there's a picture of him doing a wheelie on the thing. ha ha

what do you guys think?
Go for the 250 custom. It's engine looks alot like the CB250 "Nighthawk" and "Rebel" which share the same engine and have been around for all eternity so there should be salvageable parts around.

I have owned the CB250 Nighthawk; it's not at all impressive compared to more expensive bikes both bigger and smaller but it's good for what it is, a frugle and reliable motorcycle. Bigger bikes usually have better suspensions and more power.

As for smaller bikes, I actually prefer the lighter CB125T that I rode at my MSF course, it's much easier to toss around at slower speeds.

Negatives on the CB250:

-It has a parallel twin engine and I don't like the vibe and sound they make, I like singles and v-twins, and v-fours all much better.

-It has drum breaks front and rear, don't expect it to stop on a dime.

-It tops out around 85mph.

CB250 Positives:

-Honda reliable

-60MPG easy
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I'm a huge fan of Vespa's, personally, so I'd naturally recommend that. I have to admit it's mostly for the asthetic, though. Vespa plain out rocks.
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