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im-716 an upgrade from px100?

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Hey guys...I just got the Altec Lansing im-716s from ebay for around $56 CAD shipped. I think it was a pretty good deal?! I'm so excited waiting for them right now. Although from what you guys say, the px100 and the im-716s have completely different sound signatures, would the Altecs be an upgrade from the px100 or just a side-step?

Also I plan on doing the podectemy =)), however I don't know where in Toronto i can find the 1/4w 1% resistors. Any recommendations would be awesome.

Thanks guys.
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The iM716 is a huge upgrade from Koss KSC75 for sure. So it's possibly a great upgrade from the PX100 too.
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it's a different sound, but most people will agree that it's an upgrade moving from a less detailed veiled bassy sound to a more accurate detailed easy listening sound. i still like my px100 when i'm looking for some bass. but on the commutes, the iM716 is a must.
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I have both. And I have modded both to say that the iM716s are definitely a league beyond the PX100. Coming from the Senn, though, you might find the iM716s to be kina thin in the beginning. But that's just a good transition to readjust to the more neutral (natural?) sound. The iM716s beat the Senns in every possible way: speed, detail, accuracy, imaging, and may I say bass? The kind of bass on the iM716 though is more "sterile" compared to the Senn, but with the mod that removes the pod ("podectomy", search it up here to find out more), they become much fuller without sacrificing the mid and hi accuracy.
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It's a different sound sig...im716's are definitely more analytical than px100's even without doing the podectomy
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Even though the im716 is more detailed and has much better instrument separation than the KSC75/PortaPro, I still would take the PortaPro over im716 if external noise isn't an issue.

Then again, PortaPro > PX100 by a wide margin :/
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Have both, the old px100s and new unmodded im716s I just got a few days ago using the foamies. The im716s have far more detailed highs which aren't as ear piercing as the px100's, much more clarity too so there isn't that sense as with the px100s that everything washes together. On the other hand the px100s are way more comfortable and the bass on them tends to have a fair bit more impact even though the bass of the im716 is far more refined and precise. Oh and the sound isolation the im716s provide as they are IEMS is incomparable, it's actually possible to listen to something quiet on these phones while on public transport as opposed to having to turn up the px100s to ear deafening, high distortion volume levels.
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If you're looking for details and clarity, the iM716 is a big upgrade from the PX100. Richer mids, tighter bass and excellent instrument separation. The PX100 sound is less focused and bass is kinda bloated and unprecise. I think the highs might be a little bit more extended on the Senns though, but not by a wide margin. It also comes down to wheter you want top-notch isolation or if you need to hear what's happening around you.
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