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Night Time Shots Of Our Tubes Glowing -- Post Them Here!! - Page 49

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Ah, just seeing these. Great photo!

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Awesome group!

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Old school. The other 5 or so are deeper in.



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Sophia Electric Princess - Woo Audio 6 SE2

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Originally Posted by xinque View Post

Not exactly tube glow but found this video amusing.  Can't imagine anyone doing it to any live tube of worth though..


Lol!!! I now know what to do next fourth of July! Buy some cheap, worthless for audio tube and go to town! How great!


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Expect to possibly fry your microwave oven while you are at it!

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Some really beautiful shots in this thread.

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Originally Posted by David Mudkips View Post

My Schiit.






This is absolutely stunning. I almost went with that model but I use my amp with my computer and I couldn't justify using a tube amp off a computer and wasting the tube hours on stuff like games.
That and it doesn't pair well with as well as the Asgard with W5000's. Regardless, these are probably my favorite pictures in this thread and I was cruising this thread for just this model and shot. atsmile.gif
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2359glenn amp design




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Originally Posted by john57 View Post

2359glenn amp design




How it sounds?  What headphone you are using?



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I am using the Sennheiser HD 598, Denon D2000 and the Fostex T50RP and all work well with the amp. The Denon D2000 really benefits from the amp by bringing up the recessed V shaped midrange a bit. The amp has a fullness or richness to the sound with great dynamic punch. I told Glenn that the amp gave me the impression that it was a cross between the mellowness of the Burson 160A amp and the power and dynamic range of the Woo WA5LE, which I tried while I was at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.  The amp that Glenn made that I ended up buying is the only current tube amp that I know of that can use the 3DG4 or the remarkable 5AU4 rectifier tube. The transformer is rated for 5 amps on either the 3v or the 5v for rectifier tube. My 3DG4 tube has a voltage drop of only 23v at 350ma as an example. The prices are low on these tubes and that is why he is using them: good performance for the price. Glenn likes to use Sprague Atom Capacitors and sometimes paper in oil for his designs. Glenn is no copycat. Here is an another picture of the amp.


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littledot mk][



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USAF-596 in da house.


WA22 with USAF-596 at night


USAF-596 in action



GEC 6AS7 as a bonus.


GEC 6AS7 at night

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