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be VERY careful of the clickwheel ribbon cable.  I'm usually pretty good dealing with the insides of electronics... but the connector just snapped off the ribbon.  Now I got to wait for a 8 dollar replacement from china

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Got one of the sd to cf adaptors to put a 128GBP sd card into my mini cause cf cards are insanely expensive here in Aus, and not many places ship those here.

Works fine capacity wise, but the transfer speed and battery life took a major hit. Dropped from about 20 hours to a bit over 6. And 15mb/s to 7. Looks like the adaptor is sucking way too much juice. Time to look for a cf card I reckon.
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Double post
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If you guys wouldn't mind me piling on to the number of subjects discussed in this thread regarding the Flash Mini iPod...

I performed the mod using a 1st gen 4GB iPod Mini.  I installed a 32GB card and I had no issues with the install.  Music plays fine and I get acceptable life from the battery.  
The only issue I noticed is that when the iPod goes into a deep hibernation the only way I can wake it up is by plugging it in to the dock connector for a second and then it's good to go.  Battery charge is still intact.  Previously, in it's factory state I was able to wake the iPod up with the combination of MENU + ENTER button.  Not so anymore.
Anyone else have this issue?
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It should be "wakable" by holding MENU on it's own for a second or so, MENU+ENTER is used to restart which takes longer. Mine was a 2nd gen mini though so it might be different.

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Correct.  I used Menu + Enter to do a full reboot but it stops during the reboot process.  In general though, when the iPod is in the deep sleep, as in it hasn't been used in a few days, I can't wake it up using any button combos.. MENU, MENU+ENTER.  None work.  Maybe I can try and reset the iPod and redo the firmware upgrade.  


Thanks for the tip though.

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nice mod.

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I just stumbled on this thread, looks like it's gone somewhat dormant, I'll revive it at least temporarily by detailing my iPod mini flash modification from 2013:


I used a CF -> SD adapter and Lexar Class 10 400x SDXC card, and also replaced the battery on this little iPod mini I bought used on eBay for $12 + shipping.


I use this unit when traveling lightest, or especially when excercising or doing anything else that involves some jostling/vibration that can harm the stock HDD iPods:


The now very quaint iPod mini, so 2004... unless you replace the HDD with a (Class 10) 128GB SDXC card. How 'ya like me now? Small form factor and Wolfson DAC make this model a great candidate for rescue from the scrap heap, for instance as an iPod to use while exercising where excessive bouncing, vibration/shock, and even a little sweat won't hurt it too bad. Short battery life means no marathon workouts.

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Very nice!  Just a shame that the mini doesn't accept the 256 cards really :(

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