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Originally Posted by LSDj View Post

that's great to hear, I was just looking at the Komputerbay 128GB on Amazon myself- did you get the 600x?  how are the actual read / write speeds working out?


also, if anyone else knows how to handle their wood, I stumbled across this.  someone created a wooden housing for an ipod mini including a new click wheel.




looks like a fun little weekend project!

I got the £99 on amazon uk basically.  There are a few gotcha's but aren't there always.  Here they are:-


Gapless no longer works on alac/flac sadly.  I've yet to try rockbox (later)but guessing it's the speed of the card.


Mp3 seems fine.


Transferring times are within reasonable limits.


Every so often if/when you need to do a hard reset for some reason then you do get a minor hang up with the apple support message but it does go away.


So not flawless and tbh I'm debating between either batch conversion (oh joy) or return the card.




EDIT Rockbox doesn't want to install using the installer.  Think I'm calling a day on this and going back to my 16 gig card.



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I keep my library in V0 to make cross-device use easier, so I should be OK on that regard.  I have seen issues noted regarding Rockbox and higher capacity SSD / flash memory; if I manage to make any headway I'll be sure to reply.  everything should be arriving in the mail by the end of next week.

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everything seems to work fine- iTunes recognizes it as a 128GB iPod Mini with just shy of 120GB for storage. going to try and put rockbox on it after dinner, I'll edit this post with the results.


EDIT: windows wasn't super happy with the mac ipod formatting; however a wipe through windows itunes fixed it.  the ipod was still in recovery mode according to itunes and the screen itself however rockbox was able to install no problem.  seems to work fine!

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Can you try gapless playback please?  Not entirely sure I did it correctly.  However considering that I kept getting stuck on apple support think everythings not well with my mini anyway!

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Question, i put a 32gb ssd in a 5.5 gen and it restored just fine but it is not recognized by itunes, and when it is plugged in it say do not disconnect, it said this for 8 hours and i forced closed it to take it out. I have tried some of the help options on itunes but nothing yet. Any help would be appreciated.

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Have you tried formatting the card to fat32 yet?

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i not to computer savy, how do you do this?

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I think I'm going to pull the trigger on making one of these while my Studio is out. Couple questions though:


Should I be bothered between generation differences?

What is the sound sig? If it uses the same Wolfson that the 5th gen Ipods use, I'm guessing warm.

What are you averaging on battery life?


Knowing me I'll probably end up DIYmodding this as well, and just buy a quick Fiio E6 or something of the sort :P

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I THINK that you need the 2nd generation to make this work, could be wrong though.

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Minor bump to ask a question.

Any reason the mini couldn't take a 256 gig compact flash card?  I know the prices are a little unreasonable but I still like (enough to do it? Not sure)the idea of a ipod mini 256 gig.



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Well there is the small matter of 24 bit addressing limiting the addressable storage space to 128gb - in about 2002 older motherboards were found to have this limitation while newer ones are 48 bit.  The mini came out in 2005 well after this, but why would you make a max 16gb player with the ability to address more than 128gb of storage?  Doesn't sound likely, but it will fit physically so if you get the chance to try it with a return policy I say give it a go and let us know - it won't do any harm to try.

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Fwiw I tried the 128 gig (see above) and read it to about 110 iirc. In all honesty the card is still a little too expensive, (£500.00!) so not really worth doing. Just liked the thought of it.

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well... finally got to finding a good deal on an ipod mini (10 bucks with a useless battery)  ordered the battery (2 for 8 bucks 1300mah) anda 64gb card (58 bucks for dolgix brand...read on some other forum/site that a guy got it to work on his mini and another one at amazon)  so.... around 75 bucks for a rockboxed dap, good form factor, wolfson dac and a line out.  Sounds great to me.... card and battery should come in next week.  If only the C3 had a line out I would be all over that.


1st generations work.  Atleast from all my reading online it does.  Old For sale thread with an ipod mini 1st gen with the mod.





4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent memory for the money, February 8, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Dolgix 64gb Compact Flash (Cf) Card - 133x (Personal Computers)

I used this product to upgrade an iPod mini to 60 gb of memory. The chip may state 64gb of memory but only 60 gb is available. It is an amazing amount of memory for the price.





jacobsteel says:Dec 29, 2012. 1:08 PM
Good instructable! I've done it a few times and the only thing I would add is that covering (e.g battery) cables with a piece of cellotape makes them slide in/out easier. 

I just put a 64GB Dolgix CF card and a new battery in the old FireWire iPod mini (1:st gen, I think). Works perfectly, takes about 1-2min/GB to fill it with songs. 

Bought the card here: http://www.amazon.com/Dolgix-64gb-Compact-Flash-Card/dp/B006OIH07I/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1356811012&sr=1-1

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110gb seems a very random place to stop, perhaps you hit a file count limit rather than storage?  You're right though, at £500 a card (and rising from the look of it) I doubt anyone will try so we'll never know if it works or not.

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