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Happy to be the OP for member os2k's feedback thread!

Oren is a pleasure to deal with. He was upfront and honest about the sale, shipped promptly and per the method agreed. His post count ain't high at the moment, but with all the sub-50 member's posting in the FS, this guy has vote for that privilege. A truly trustworthy member of the community, I thank you, Oren.

Cheers and happy listening!
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I bought a altec uhp336 from Oren, i dont now what he did but shipping took a mere 5 days from US to Turkey.

Well he said the condition is good but it is perfect

All in all i am very very pleased to do business with him. Glad to have such honest people around here.

Thanks so much again Oren.
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Bought a set of westone ied's from Oren. Great transaction all-around. Good guy. Fast shipping. Excellent communication. Would do business with him again without hesitation.
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