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I sold balanceofpower a Grado 1/4" to 1/8" adapter. Communication and payment was as prompt as it could be: overall a quick and easy transaction. Thanks.
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I bought Sam's Little Dot Micro+. Communication was great, and shipping was quick. The amp arrived well packaged and in great shape. The transaction was quick and easy. Look forward to dealing with Sam again in the future.
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Bought/got a pair of (blush!) iPod phones from Sam for a great price.

Now I can take the ho- out of the humming job of lawn mowing, without fear.

Thanks, Sam!
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I bought 7 CD's from Sam. Communication was great, package was over packed and arrived well intact. Thanks.
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I sold Sam a pair of Sennheiser PX100 that he was WTB. We quickly settled on an amt, he paid quickly via PayPal, and let me know when the phones got to him. Thanks, Sam and enjoy!
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Bought classical LPs from balanceofpower. Everything was good. A+++!
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Bought 4 cd's with no issues at all....great deal!

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I wish my experience had been positive but it turned out to be a major hassle.


I purchased 11 LPs from balanceofpower on August 10th. It's closing in on two months and I haven't heard anything back from him since I sent the payment. I've sent numerous pms and opened a dispute with paypal but no response.

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I sent an inquiry to balanceofpower about this transaction and am waiting for a reply.

If anyone else has an incomplete transaction with balanceofpower, please contact me.
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