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help in in-ear headphones choice

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ok guys here's the issue,my dad is in dubai,and he's buying me a headphone, so i wanted your help in choosing one.
the headphones available there that i can afford are:
1.shure se310
2.shure se210
3.sennheiser cx300
4.maybe cx500,will check.
5.sony or creative.

i am a bass lover,so which of these provide the best bass experience? and ofcourse with the same price range.
please no other suggestions except from the above manufacturers. thanks!
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I would go with the 310s, from that list. However, if you're a bass-lover, and there is any way you could get your hands on a pair of SE530s... do it. I've never heard bass as accurate or impactful as that on the 530s.
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mr.karmalicious, i cant its too expensive for me! i hope i can! for free! anyone?
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If you're new to the audiophile world, I'd suggest that you try some low-budget options first, to see if you really, really are a basshead. A lot of the users here started out thinking that bass was king, including me. But now I listen to my ER-4S's everyday. And the ER-4S's are NOT bass-heavy at all.

You might come to enjoy a more balanced sound. Or not.

So maybe start out with a pair of Koss KSC-75's.
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vYu223, that was very helpful thanks! but the koss is a little too low-end,and i prefer in-ear honestly,so what from the above (except shure se310) do you think i should get?
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Check out UE's SF3 if you are going for a balanced sound. Great starter earphone! But comfort might be an issue for some...
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From what you have listed I would suggest the Sennheisers. There are better phones, but you soecifically asked for no ther recommendations. CX300 for the bass.
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