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Sonic Horizon Cables

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Has anyone try these? They sell everything, they sure look good from the specs and pics and the prices are killer for what you get.

They even sell headphone extension cords and power strips.
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I've heard good things about that headphone extension... currently I'm using a DiMarzio Silver or Grado, so I won't be upgrading I don't thinkg, but that Hurricane speaker cable looks nice
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mixed reviews on the line i recall, but sure they should improve over stock.

the owners are a nice couple, if not somewhat overwhelmed at times, so be patient with trying to get through an order.
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I had the Daybreak extension, but had to replace it with a Dimarzio. The jacket was so stiff that it caused problems trying to get it to rest comfortably in my ZOTL which has the headphone jack on top of the unit. Good quality sound-wise though, but I think i like the DiMarzio even better.

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