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A new challenge for JMT

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Do you think you could make me an amp? I want it to be really portable, so it has to fit in the tin on the left.
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My guess is that he probably can't/won't. The main thing behind the large tin is that he can fit a hansen pcb in there, which makes it much easier to make an amp. that tiny little tin doesn't look much bigger than a 9V battery!

besides, a standard altoid amp is already extremely portable...
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What's the height difference between those 2? If that 12V battery that's almost the same size as a N battery can last decently long, which I doubt, then you could stick a cmoy in there. In order to get 2 9V's to fit in my full-sized cmoy Altoids tin, I had to make my circuit/switches/LED/jacks/pot fit in basically the horizontal area of that tiny tin, with space left (enough for that mini 12V battery).
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If that 12V battery that's almost the same size as a N battery can last decently long, which I doubt
nope, i doubt it it could last 10 minutes... they're designed for remote controls, cant really output a continuous current...

You could use a sinlge AAA (or AAAA? don't know the exact size), with two maxim DC-DC converters (1.5--> 4.5, 4.5 -->15), but noise would be a big problem.
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OK Adam,


I beat him to it!! A while back there were DIYers trying to make the smallest amps. I made one using surface mount components and then ruined it by breaking a pin on one channel. I then remade it with a standard 8 pin dip. This 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" board is a standard Cmoy I call the "Face Amp" using a 2132, or at this point I was trying the 2228. This design always looks like a face when I make the traces or wires as short as possible and using a dual opamp. This amp was made a long time ago.
I don't have photos of the final amp which is housed in an aluminum enclosure 2" X 2" I think and then covered with Rosewood. That is next to photograph. It is powered with one 15V Alkaline remote battery for about 4 hours.
I finally got my website going with a few photos. tonight. This amp will easily fit in the little Altoids box. You can get a size reference by looking at the standard RCA plug to the right. Click the photo to get a better size. I had to compress a lot, but am still working with the photos made with my old Nikon manual and then digitized on a CD by the developer. Photos take me a long time because I don't have a digital camera.
There are also photos of my first Cmoy with a custom box lettered by me. The photo looks strange until you click on it. Too many overlapping pixels I think. It makes the letters look out of line which they aren't. This amp has been around the block a time or two. It is scratched up and dirty. Sorry.
Check it out. There is also my Szekeres with a board etched by me. My first board. The amp inside the black box is now an etched board "face amp."
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That would be tough. JMT told me that the Snoopy tin amp he made for me was the smallest he's yet completed. He had to file down the circuit board to get it to fit, and the 9V battery *just* fits next to the CB. The Snoopy tin is 3.1 x 2.4 x .75"
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just pulling out pics from old headwize threads, when everyone was making tiny amps...

check out bp's super small amp

and the battery amp made by yours truly

dan, that is some beautiful work!
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I love the battery amp and remember it quite well. The other amp could use some layout refinement and include something to denote actual size. I think mine is actually smaller or more compact. The 9V battery amp is smaller than mine though.
I went through the small kick just for fun as we all did. I did like the little 15V remote batteries. They are available at Walmart 2 for around 1.50. I thought of using two to get + and - 15 V, but they don't run very long. I put the volume control in the input cable for that amp. I could put it inside but am tired of messing with it.
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here's a fuzzy pic of the inside of a battery amp, jacks and all (sorry for the bad pic, my brother took my better digital camera).

dan, where'd you get those wima's?
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i think benny said that his amp was under 1" squared!
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The tiny .1 Wimas came from two switching supplies I accidentally bought which were Very noisy for the Szekeres. I raided them for the parts. I do have some .022 Wimas like these as well as some 1 uf ones like Apheared has in his most recent photos. They are the same as I sent some to him. Wima makes these tiny caps but they are hard to find.
I love the internals of your tiny battery amp! Layout is important.
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The post was sort of a joke, when I saw the tiny altoids tin the first thing I thought was that nobody would ever get an amp in there. (The second was "Mmmm, altoids...")
The outside height of the tin is 5/8", or 15mm for those living in countries with a sensible system of measurement.
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The outside height of the tin is 5/8", or 15mm for those living in countries with a sensible system of measurement.

A measurement system based on a long, dead and forgotten king's foot is not sensible?
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Hey look maybe someone can make a keychain amp! The world's 1st!! Now that's portable!!!

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what would be cool if someone could make an amp kinda the size and shape of those stick-like MD remotes.
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