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Out of Phase

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I've been listening to the 3 Out of Phase CDs lately and am liking them more and more. No it's not Pink Floyd but if your looking for something different then I would give them a listen.

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Animals 2001, in particular, is simply inspired. The electronics barrage of Sheep (and the bass!), the digeridoo drone in Dogs (~8:00 to 11:00), the digital repeat when she sings "Stone...own...own...own..." which is set to the same speed as the song, the world beat of Pigs (three different ones)...simply fogging brilliant.

He's also done Wish You Were Here, Who's Next, and a Doors one...I intend to track them all down.
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The question MOST of us have been dying to ask - but only I've been brave enough to actually pose:

So, what exactly IS this stuff?
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Not sure I understand the question

It's music, dude. What else do you want?

No, seriously...

It's electronica, basically, but he brings in other people to give it a well-rounded sound.

He covers the entire album (well, in the case of the Pink Floyd ones, anyway). In a creative, yet faithful way (in a way that the "trance remix" albums of several years ago was not).
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