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I received two sets of Earsquake IEMs, the FISH and SHA from udeupa.

Good communication and very open!

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Richard sent me a couple of EarsQuake earphones. Great communication and very friendly guy. Much appreciated. 

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Recieved another pair of IEMS and headphones from Uduepa.

Again very good communication.

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Richard sent me some review phones, as promised, and was completely up front about being honest in my reviews. Very nice man.

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Received some EarsQuake IEM and headphones from Uduepa.

Very good communication and upfront indeed.

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Bought some Monster IEM's- great comm. and quick shipping. Thanks.

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He is a great person to deal with. excellent communication, and he has a great attitude no matter how many questions you ask him. he is very informative, helpful, and trustworthy. I would love to buy more stuff from udeupa!!

he also started my feedback page!! thank you :]

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Richard sold me a pair of K501 in excellent condition. They arrived quickly and were very well packaged. I appreciated his good communication skills and friendliness.


Recommended to anyone buying and selling here on head-fi.

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