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If you want to go low, and I mean oh-so-low, check out Susan Nigro on the contra bassoon. You won't believe how low this instrument goes.

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Don't forget the classic: Techmaster PEB - Bass Computer
Ungodly on my DT770s

Massive Attack Mezzanine
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Check out the Orbs Towers of Dub, and Lee Perry and Max Romeo's Chase the Devil. These are songs not albums.
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Dadawa - Sister Drum

The name should say it all.
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Anything by The Glitch Mob will have heavy bass. Dance of the Knights is good if you like classical. Metallica's Sad but True is good. If you like Scandinavian metal try Insomnium. If you're more into rap Get Buck by Young Buck is great. Blood Red, and Strange Behaviour by Feed Me are good for those who like dubstep. Android Porn by Kraddy, Korn's Get Up!, Peace in the Turmoil by Ben Moon....
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TE WIRE's July issue is just out, with a "Low End Theories" cover story: a 22 page celebration of the booming culture of Bass, from the Big Bang to the Brown Note, featuring:

- The Wire writers' favourite bass riffs, immersive moments of sub bass press, natural drones, low frequency waveforms and walking bass lines

- David Toop on deep natural noises

- Will Montgomery on the uses and effects of the sub-audible

- Dave Tompkins on the Bass that kaboomed out of Miami

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Currently listening to the album 'Fallen Light' by Phaeleh. Some nice bass going on there...

Otherwise look into Bass Mekanik. It's the sort of stuff they use at car audio competitions. Usually a series of test tones & sweeps and a few 'music' tracks... (between quotes as it can hardly be called music. it's more like musical filler layered over test tones :))

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Name says it all.

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