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What are some good albums/song with massive bass?
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Rage Against The Machine's last album Renegades is way overemphasized on the low end. It's hard to listen to sometimes. And I consider myself something of a basshead.

The song Trust by Megadeth has a minute intro of heavy drums and bass guitar...that song is my bass test for any new system or headphones.
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One of my favorites is John Rutter's Requiem on Reference Recordings (RR-57CD). This is a cliassical album with absolutely beautiful music. It is not a full orchestra, but rather just a few instruments such as harp, oboe, cello, and flute. Oh-yea, I forgot to mention the organ On my big rig, if I turn it up a bit too load, stuff begins to fall off tables thoughout the house.
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Silver Chair - Isreals Son

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for DVDaudio-- linkin park's reanimation will give you a massage.
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just curious..... you want to show off some big subs or something? got something cool? ...if you want even more bass out of your favorite stuff, consider getting a subharmonic synthesizer. it generates a waveform 1 octave below the lowest note in your program. they use it in clubs and theaters.... will shake like oyu wouldn't believe if you got the right equipment.
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Thanks for the tip Orpheus, I'll look in to that.
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non synthesized bass

The most gut vibrating natural bass you'll find is on well recorded pipe organ. Try picking up a cheap Bach CD on ebay just for fun!
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just curious... you know what is the lowest note possible on a pipe organ?--and what frequency that equates to? i heard these things go pretty darn low.
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i heard these things go pretty darn low.
A search on Google pulls up 16 hz as the lowest pedal note. (I'd link to a site, but most just referenced this number as a given.) That makes sense...I remember being in a large church a few years ago when my dad pointed out the bass note at the end of a song. It was the ragged edge of perception...you could almost count the vibrations.
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Massive Attack's Mezzanine has some crazy bass. Dare I say Masonna as well? heheheh.
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Try some king crimson recent albums, or Satriani "Engines of Creation" will give you good bass and balanced into the music, not only bass, if you want to hear only bass, get one of those bass mekanik CDs just for auto subwoofer competition, those will blow you away....
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Most of Don Grusin's work has some very closely miced kicks, along with deeeep synth work. Excellent music too. Recommended titles:

Sticks and Stones (colaborates with his brother Dave Grusin).
No Borders
Banana Fish

Also, the classic first CD by Four Play. If that works for you, their second CD is also pretty good.

Flim & the BBs "Tricycle" has som 18 hz fundamentals in there, and it is about the most dynamic thing that you can lay hands on, and it has been released on SACD.

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Pipe organs go pretty darn low...

I used to work at this theater which had a GIANT wurlitzer theater organ. The thing annoyed me to no end, but the bass could go quite low.
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On my big rig, if I turn it up a bit too load, stuff begins to fall off tables thoughout the house.
Cool, playing organs on my bedroom system causes the bookshelfs to slide across my drawer... I have to keep repositioning them!
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