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Originally Posted by Golden Monkey View Post
It's not a BAD portable amp either, if you discount the ergonomics. Yes, the jacks are in lame locations, but I think it was designed with their bags in mind, as they all have openings in those same locations. It may also be a question of synergy, twsmith...I haven't heard your SR60's, but for driving Etys, Shures, and even my Senn 590s it really sounds good. And at $99 (now), comparing it to something like a CMOY may be a fairer comparison.
Your point is well taken. The Grado SR60 synergy thing could be the major problem -- I only became aware after I bought the Airhead that Grado and Headroom may not be a particularly good match. The styling and ergonomics of Headroom amps in general tend to be somewhat of a "love it or hate it" sort of thing -- I guess I fall into the latter camp.
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The airhead was my first amp, and I think it does a really nice job in it's price range. I used it with my HD555's, HD 650's, and SE530's. It drove all of them well. The sound it produces crushes the headphone jack on an Ipod. With that being said, I upgraded to a Voyager, and there is no comparison. Of course there is no comparison in price, with the the Voyager being over 3X the cost of an Airhead, it should be a lot better. I really like the Headroom products. I wouldn't trade my desktop for anything. It sounds great with all of my cans, and the connectivity (3 digital, 2 analog) is insane. I also really enjoyed my Micro. Add to that the great customer service they provide, they have a lifelong customer in me. I will gladly pay an extra $10-$20 for headphones from them for the support they offer.
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Originally Posted by twsmith View Post
Sorry to trash anyone's party, but the Total Airhead is simply not a good portable amp. I bought one about 2 years ago just as I was starting to get into the headphone thing, and very quickly discovered that it was very fatiguing to listen to, at least with Grado SR6Os. In fact the headphone out from my old Sony portable CD player sounded better. Perhaps this amp works better with other phones but overall I was very disappointed in it. I later bought a Headamp AE2, which is so far ahead of the Airhead that you can't begin to compare the two. Of course the AE2 is more expensive but then again, why throw any money away on an amp that is painful (for me) to listen to even if it is cheaper? Moreover the ergonomics of the Airhead are horrible - the in and outjacks are strangely placed and it's even hard to change the batteries...and it has that weird funky look that seems to characterize almost of the HeadRoom amps - I guess some people like it, but I don't.
Saying the Total Airhead isn't a good amp because it's fatiguing with the grado SR-60's isn't what I would call a compelling arguement....Grado's are fatiguing headphones to begin with.
The Total Airhead was my introduction to headphone amplifiers and it did a fine job with the Shure E4's and Allesandro MS-1's I had at the time- sorry but no more fatigue with the MS-1's than usual. I've had many portables since I really dove in to Head-Fi that have outperformed the Total Airhead, but it served me very well as a first amp and still makes for a great entry-level amp, which I believe is what it is intended for.
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Originally Posted by Pete7 View Post
Saying the Total Airhead isn't a good amp because it's fatiguing with the grado SR-60's isn't what I would call a compelling arguement...
I've used mine with SR-60s but admittedly not long enough for them to become fatiguing, if that's even the case. I got it to power my Etys and I think it does an admirable job at that...
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At $99, it is a great amp for the money.
A bargain, for what you get.
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Total Bithead rules the entry level HP amps!

My first headphone amp was a Total Bithead for use with my computer and with my portable cd player and now my Mp3 player as well. I paid a small fortune for it (260? or so) and now its available for $150 (a good price for an entry level headphone amp). It amplifies well, had a good crossfeed circuit, and can run two pair of headphones (nice to share). It bypasses my computer sound card and can run off my computer's power. Nice.

I like its sound, but I did feel the need to upgrade. Damn you Head-Fi, you are enticing me to spend my hard earned on headphones and headphone amps! Hehehehe. Oh well, I did upgrade my headphone amp to a Decware Zen Head. I'm still comparing the Toal Bithead with the Zen Head and will eventually offer a serious comparison.

At it's current price, the Total Bithead is a pretty good deal for an entry level headphone amp. But I'm happier with my Zen Head by Decware.
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Originally Posted by Traveller View Post
...think I'm going to buy a backup...
Well I was State-side for a few weeks so I did pick up a backup - but this time I got the BitHead so that I could (also) use it with my Dell XPS M1330

I'm not sure if it was always the case (for the BitHead), but it (now) has a hi/lo gain switch which my (older) TAH doesn't have. Low gain is always better when you can get away with it so kudos to Headroom for this added feature

While I was at it, I also picked up a pair of Grado sr225s: At $180 (and paid with EUROs ) it was a deal I couldn't pass up. Ditto for the $159 BitHead!

On a side note for all EU travelers headed towards the U.S., stick to American products (particularly in the electronics / audio market): Asian products are not necessarily cheaper, even with the current FX conversion rates... .
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Currently love the bithead cause its my only amp+DAC right now Good enough to drive my HD595
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I purchased a Decware Zenhead thinking that my 2006 Total Airhead was the weak link in my 2nd Generation Nano, Moon Audio Black Dragon Line Out Dock, Total Airhead portable rig. My new Line Out Dock arrived today from Head Direct and it turns out the Moon Audio Black Dragon Line Out Dock was the weak link and not the Total Airhead.

"ZyCable HiEnd IPOD Dock Cable"


What a huge jump in Sound Quality compared to my Moon Audio Black Dragon Line Out Dock. I should have bought this Line Out Dock a year ago. My DT880/250's finally sound like they are suppose to. The bottom has filled out nicely. In fairness to Moon Audio, the owner did tell me the Blue Dragon (copper) would be a better fit with the Nano and Total Airhead than the Black Dragon (all silver cable) I insisted upon. Also the plug/connector that snaps into the Nano is much better on the Zy LOD than the Moon Audio Connector (it never would lock fully onto the Nano!). If you want a high quality silver/copper cable for $49 and don't want to pay competitor's prices, this is a great choice IMHO.
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I had one of these. Enjoyed it tremendously... until I listened to my friends Predator and Hornet, things went downhill for the Total Airhead after that. On the up and up, I picked up the Tomahawk, to me size did matter. So far so good with the Tommy
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It's 2009 and I'm still lovin' 'em
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Well, I think it really depends on the music.

I had one, connected to an IHP 120 and to Ety 4S IEM's.

The sound for classical music was very disappointing (lots of distortion), so I sold it very quickly... I was very disappointed and it took a long time (many years later) to consider getting an amp again.

Now I love my brand new Xenos 1HA-EPC amp, and I have a Corda Headsix on its way...
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Originally Posted by Miklos View Post
I had one, connected to an IHP 120 and to Ety 4S IEM's. ... (lots of distortion) ... I was very disappointed and it took a long time (many years later) to consider getting an amp again...
I also (still) have the IHP 120 and Ety 4s and TAH and there is no distortion with my unit, so I'm thinking your individual unit had a problem.

As for the part about "taking a long time...", all I can say is lmao. It's a $100 amp, not a soul mate...
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Still having my TAH go through burn time and each day brings a smile!

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I'm using my SR80 with the Airhead and it suits me fine.  It's just different strokes for different folks.

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