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Any other opinions? The Keces and the Zero are both getting very nice reviews, and the Super Pro DAC707 looksd very interesting as well...
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The 0404 seems not to add any bass, which is a good step up from the built-in dac section in the mac book. I makes my HD580s sing much better, and it is even more evident with my Infinity Alpha 50 speakers.
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i'm interested in the keces da-131.
has it less votes because it there are less people who have one?
i am looking to match it with GS Solo amp and ath-a900 cans!
any views on that setup ?
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Well, because the 131 is mostly used because of it's optical output. Not as many people have optical sources as they do a USB source(computer), so you'll see more votes for it simply because there are more people out there with a source to use it. The Keces DA-151 is the "usb version" of the 131.
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point taken!
do you know where i can find an "in depth" review on the 131. either on here or elsewhere?
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Not sure as it's a fairly new unit. There weren't many reviews of the 151 either.

It sucks, but I think the only options are to either PM somebody with it, or to buy one yourself if you can't audition one first. But if it's anything like the 151 (which, it's supposed to actually be better), you will NOT be disappointed.
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Hmm ... the DIY Alien DAC can be had for $35 unassembled, not much more than twice that built.

The M-Audio Transit is a full featured portable DAC that runs about $75 in many places.

Neither are in your poll, unfortunately.
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Originally Posted by oldson View Post
point taken!
do you know where i can find an "in depth" review on the 131. either on here or elsewhere?

I will post a review here at head-fi on the KECES DA-131 after 200 hours of use. Right now I'm at 40 hours of use (I don't let it run overnight). I must note however that writing reviews is not what I do for a living. In fact it will be my first review. Furthermore I don't have much to compare it to (just a AV receiver). Also my DAC is connected to a LD MK III and I have K601's. Nothing else. So my 'review' is flawed even before I've written one word.

I do understand the difficulty of having to choose based on written stories and 'reviews' here at head-fi and other sites. I've been there myself. In the end I just decided to get the KECES. And even at 40 hours I can say I'm very happy with it. I can however shed some light on the question to LME49710 or not to LME49710?

A "review" will take a couple of weeks, so I hope you can wait that long.

Best regards,
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just found your response (thanks)
looking forward to hearing your views!
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