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That's what I was thinking - and that's how I'll be doing it when I get mine, but it seems a strange way to do things - why don't these DACs just come with the 3.5mm out?
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DAC's are designed for home usage...and home audio equipment almost always has RCA jacks.
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Originally Posted by HiFlight View Post
Behringer uca202 hands down winner at $30.00!!!
It has both optical and analog out as well as headphone out.
Have you tried this as a hp amp? I'm really curious about what this is capable of!
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Originally Posted by indysmith View Post
How are people using all these DACs with RCA outputs, when most headphone amps have 3.5mm inputs?
Most PORTABLE headphone amps have 3.5mm inputs.
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Originally Posted by fetalgoat View Post
How would a cheap dac compare to an auzen prelude?


So I have the same interest as the OP I guess if it can give me significantly better sound than the prelude can on it's own. I don't have $500-$1000 to spend on a dac though.
Yes we have the same interest. My current source is my AV Receiver (Sony STR-DB940) which in turn is linked via an optical cable to my computer (Realtek ALC889A chipset - bitperfect output). My guess is that the Sony is the weak link in my setup. I have a LD MK III and AKG K601's. I really don't want to spend more than 250 euro. I hope a 'cheap' DAC will improve my SQ. I really wonder what the difference will be...
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TABAAM? (Turtle Beach) $30usd
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i'm a fan of the E-MU series of daCs... =]
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I just ordered the Keces DA-131. Ignoring the poll results (after 41 votes the ZERO has a comfortable lead, followed by the Beresford) I decided the buy Keces. It fits the budget and judging from what I've read about these DAC's (note that I haven't heard any so this is based on just reading here and on other fora) it seems to be very well crafted and designed. It uses high quality components and it has a sort of 'less is more' feel to it. There are a few reviews but no comparisons to the other DAC's in this poll. I will write a review after burn in.
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On the cheap: AlienDAC (get some nice film caps - make it larger, but get fantastic sound quality).

On the SERIOUS: OPUS DAC balanced DAC for under $250! Add a balanced-single ended converter (Ballsie) and you've got yourself one of the best DACs on the market for a tiny fraction of the cost!
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Originally Posted by PbFree View Post
Add the cost of a good 24V power supply, however.

whats wrong with 24v power supply? wont it work with my ups (where all my computer components are plugged)?
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I'm loving my new E-Mu 0404 USB.
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I've only heard one of the DAC's on that list, being the Beresford. I thought it was very good for the money. However without experience with the other ones, I cannot say which is best.
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The zero is impressive (the only one i've used though)
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Zero DAC is "better" than the Emu 0404 to my ears. The reason for the quotes is I believe the Zero to be a bit colored, but it is a very pleasant hue

Zero is also better than Beresford Mk III I spent some time with.

I'm interested in the Keces but not enough to drop the $$$ on it.

I'm also interested in the Opus and will buy the parts as soon as available again.

I haven't heard it, but if I was shopping for a cheap DAC only, I'd consider the 707 usb. If it doesn't pan out you should get most of your modest investment back pretty quick. I'd buy it from you for 90% if you'd take the shipping hit
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I have just received my DA-131. I will write a review later, but first I'll let it burn in a bit. Right now the original OPA604's are still in there (and already I can hear details I haven't heard before). Soon I will change them for LME49710's. I'm curious how that changes the sound. I will keep you posted, but for now highly recommended.
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