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Yes, you can but observe sound distortions. If they occur and the chip gets hot - then you have stability problems.
This might happen because LT1364 is several times faster with very high slew rate which is on the other hand a very good thing.
AD8599 will be a safe try but they are SOIC only.
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I stopped using opamps all together . I'm happy with the results as well.
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Originally Posted by fetalgoat View Post
I'm using the LT1361. IMO it's a huge improvement over the lm4562.

I tried the opa2107, which is meant to sound similar to the opa627, and it wasn't a good match for the sennheisers. Too dark and reserved. I'm fairly new with all of this but I have tested out a few different opamps and here are some of my thoughts.

OPA2107 - Dark & muddy. Sounds very poor with sennheiser 650s. Mids are reserved and in the distance. Not a good match for my equipment.

LM4562 - Stock Opamp. Mids are very compressed and sterile
sounding. Bass is very fake sounding. Highs are harsh. Someone mentioned that this opamp was like a robot on steroids. I would agree with that. Might be ok if you have an insanely warm amp or something but I just didn't like the way it sounded on my setup at all.

LT1361 - Mids are more pronounced. Warmer than the LM4562 but more detailed with more impact at the same time. More airy as well, doesn't sound as compressed. Better separation I would say. Bass sounds more natural, also deeper. Highs are warm and not harsh. I think this is a very good match for sennheisers. Very natural and pleasing sounding.

LT1469 - This opamp is clinically precise, very fast and extremely detailed at higher frequencies. I would say it borders on being ridiculously detailed at higher frequencies. You're able to hear things you wouldn't otherwise hear, and perhaps wouldn't want to hear because it's so bright. Everything else kind of sucks with it though. Sounds very sterile and digital. Bass isn't as deep and doesn't have the same impact as the lt1361's. It's also missing the nice warm and detailed mids of the lt1361.

I'm very happy and have to say very surprised, as well, that the LT1361 sounds as good as it does. This is one of the best improvements to my system to far I would say.
The LT1360 and LT1361 are good op-amps, although not the best in the noise department. I would recommend using them in an inverting application, not non-inverting. Good output driver.

Another one to try is the AD844. Also a good output driver.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio
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I'd never choose the AD844 (single) over the AD8022 (dual) as an output buffer. The latter is ultra low noise and distortion - the numbers are really impressive, sound quality and output current, too. AD844 is good but imperfect - produces a bit bright midrange and rolled-off trebles. It's direct competitor - LT1028 is better, one of the best single audio op amps, BTW.
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Originally Posted by ROBSCIX View Post
Currently I am running OPA627's in my Prelude. I soldered in a set to a adapter. They have a nice signature and are very,very clear. I liked the LM4562 but there are others out that I would like to test out. I find with new opamps you need to audition them for while to get the idea of how they actually sound. It is hard to find one that is compatible with all music genres.
I have to put together a new shopping list of opamps to order.
I agree. I think I should start saving for a new pc and the prelude
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Bought a Prelude yesterday and first impressions are VERY encouraging! It replaces a Creative X-Fi X'Music - still one of the best soundcards out there.

Very full, consummately resolved, exceptional tonal accuracy, and mighty headphone drive (into my 595s). Exceptional in every respect, and I suspect it's still running in...

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Auzen started selling their OPAMP upgrade yesterday. They have some very high quality unit available.

Auzen Opamp page: LINK
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Auzen seems very enterprising.
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I have a tube of OPA627AU's that I'm not using and a few browndog adapters....getting out of the modding business.
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