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Cashmere/Wool Coat for Chicago

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Now, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to coats, their materials etc. What I have heard is that a combination of Cashmere and Wool would be advisable (Am I right?)

I will be moving to Chicago in a few months, and while the harshest of the winter would be over by then, just would like to take a look at my options. This is my first job, dress code at work is business casual, but would like the coat to be somewhat dressy. This is what I've come up with so far:

BOSS Black 'Coxx-L' Wool/Cashmere Coat - Wool & Cashmere - Nordstrom

Authentic Peacoat - Wool - Men - JCrew.com

I'm going on those two coats solely based on looks, I'm not sure how good a fight the material will put up against the windy and rainy winters in Chicago. I'm guessing a coat with multiple layers would be good.

Budget is less than $500. Anyone care to enlighten me about brands and/or materials?

Much appreciated.
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Thoughts from alife-long Chicagoan (until two years ago).

Windy, rainy, and snowy. Don't forget cold. Check out today's forcast.

Wool is always a great choice for winter wear. Cashmere for a night on the town, maybe...

Those coats look good for fall or late winter; for days like today you'll need something more protective.

Will you be commuting by bus, train, el, metra, driving, walking? Waiting for a bus or el can be hell if not bundled properly.

What you can, and should, do is think about layers. Wear insulative stuff under your coat .Stores like REI and web sites devoted to outdoorsey stuff can help you figure it out.

BTW, days like today no one cares how you look! Everyone pretty much suffers equally.

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I went to Chicago a lot when I lived in NW Ohio. A couple years back I got a Ralph Lauren Cashmere and Wool Jacket in black. It is 3/4 length and the sizing was 46 Long for me (I'm 6'4"). It is a great coat and goes great with slacks or jeans. The only drawback is that it is a lint magnet, very difficult to get lint out as well. Other than that she works very well in wind, cold and drizzle. I am on my 4th season with mine and there has been no sign of fading after countless dry cleaning sessions. I guess my advice would be to go ahead and spend money on a good coat as it will last you many, many seasons.
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You want the BOSS coxx coat.

Macy*s - Men's - Hugo Boss Coxx-L Cashmere/Wool Jacket

Oh and look at that, it's on sale! Hopefully you are a 42 or 44.
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This jacket was a regular fit tho. I liked it alot but i wear slim fit so it looked too big on me. If that is ok then it's an excellent 2 layer jacket. At $595 it might be a different story, but at $319, jackets by cheaper brand isn't going to be that much cheaper so might as well spend few more bucks and get this.
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