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MANY MANY TX to head-fi for this thread. Almost update my ipod and read this thread.... you guys are the saviour of my beloved ipod classic.
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Ok, I just tested my iPod Classic 160g for DC offset measurement. For mine, I need to pause the music, wait couple of seconds and turn it off by holding the play/pause button once again. Then the DC measurement is negligible. I measured the DC offset while it is playing music also. The strange thing is if the iPod was turn off using above method, I detect no DC offset while it is playing but if it is turn off any other way and turn it on, I detect mentioned considerable DC offset measurement even during the music playing. Apple really needs to fix this problem as soon as possible.
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Originally Posted by jude View Post
Plug your headphones in, and then while music is playing, force the iPod off and listen carefully for a few seconds, and see if the hiss appears. That's when it appears for most, based on what I've read (including my experience with it), and then pretty much disappears the moment you turn it back on.

That's what I did. Silence. I stopped & started it at least a dozen times. No noise. Without this thread, there would be no sign that anything is wrong and I'm sure there are lots of people who know nothing of this thread or forum.

I certainly could (do?) have the problem and not know it since it can be present and not be audible. If this is a problem with all Classics on 1.1, and this problem is dangerous enough to fry headphones, why aren't there tens-of-thousands of people complaining online about fried headphones? I'm not trying to be a jerk about this. I don't understand enough about electronics (nor do the vast majority of iPod owners) to understand why this DC offset is a bad thing. Edit: Clutz, your explanation back on page 5 helps a lot. I hadn't seen that.

If the iPod is generating this DC current, then regular iPod earbuds would be fed the same signal as nice Grados, AKG's or HD's would, right? Why would regular iPod buds be ok and expensive headphones would not? Just a matter of damaging the more expensive and sensitive drivers in the good ones? Again, I'm not trying to be a jerk (I'm really not), I'm just curious. Hard to believe that Apple doesn't employ some electical engineers who would have tested this before releasing the firmware!

And anyone that's told that they should only use the Apple earbuds should ask why other brands of good headphones (Shure's, Ety's) are sold at Apple stores along with the iPod accessories.

I will stick with my iPhone for my music needs until this is fixed.
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Originally Posted by J.D.N View Post
Is anyone having issues with the LOD?
No. Do you have?
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Can anyone mail the 1.0.3 firmware files to me? My iPod came with 1.0.3, so I don't have the files.


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Originally Posted by Milk and Coffee View Post
No. Do you have?
No, luckily i saw the thread before updating my iPod, so im still on 1.0.3

I was just interested to see how far the suspected problem spread.

I do have to agree with BigStig, i would have thought if it would all over the net if it's such a dangerous problem.

Oh well, iPod firmware updates are usually quite frequent, and 1.0.3 is doing just fine.
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You know the weird thing, I nearly installed this FW last week... but as it was downloaded I decided I better not, no real reason, I just got a bad feeling... 2 days later I started reading this thread... boy oh boy I dodged a bullet!

I'm gonna write up something about this FW release for DAPreview.net so if anyone has any facts and the like would you be able to PM me? It's just to warn other ipod classic users off this update...
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apple. it just works. even when its off.

i havent really noticed that problem but when i did update to 1.0.3 on my last ipod it stopped syncing and would reboot everytime i took it off the cradle. i wouldnt know what the new update is like because i broke the adapter to my k701's off in the audio jack. been in the shop for two weeks now because the company cant get the right part for it, then keep telling me different story when i call and ask what is going on... idiots. luckly i talked to the owner today and he is going to fix it for free because of all the crap the employees gave me.
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how could i tell if the update damaged my headphones. Would it be pretty noticeable? I downloaded the update the day it came out, and have only listened to my ipod once at school since then for about an hour. I never keep my headphones attached to my ipod when it's not in use anyways. Hopefully it didn't do any damage. I'm restoring to 1.0.3 now.

I really can't believe apple sometimes. Yes... I like alot of their products and own various mac computers but with such a vast market for ipods, and nearly... jese I don't even know how many people having ipod classics, I just don't see why the hell they don't test for little things that people on these forums can find out with a simple tool from radio shack? They should be minimizing the amount of updates, and just fix it all in one go jese.
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Could someone email me those files? It'd be greatly appreciated ( * iPod_24.1.0.3.ipsw.signature
* iPod_24.1.0.3.ipsw)
Thanks a lot n_n
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oh my god. I can't believe apple. I listened to music for hours all day yesterday. And I DID notice some distortion at times. I thought it was my amp running out of batteries, but I heard it straight out of the ipod as well. They better rectify this, or replace my god damn headphones
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i just realized that I haven't upgraded until today, and all I did since then was go driving. And I definitely noticed the hissing when it turned off. I had some noise issues before, so I thought it was just worse. (when the ipod is off, there are these clicks and beeps and stuff. one time i was sleeping in the car in the middle of nowhere with the lady friend, and we hear this "knock knock knock. We thought it was a crazy mass murderer, but it was only the subwoofer )

But anyways, I guess I didn't use any of my headphones with it! Thank goodness for all of you guys!
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I read the entire thread and never saw this mentioned so I thought I'd ask.

I never listen through the headphone jack.

I either use my iHome or my dockconnector to aux port in my vehicle.

Are there any problems with using 1.1 with the dock connector?

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Originally Posted by pmad View Post
I read the entire thread and never saw this mentioned so I thought I'd ask.

I never listen through the headphone jack.

I either use my iHome or my dockconnector to aux port in my vehicle.

Are there any problems with using 1.1 with the dock connector?

yes, it happens on both the headphone jack and line-out
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Can somebody host these somewhere?


Mine got automatically erase upon updating to 1.1.
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