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Originally Posted by kvtaco17 View Post

Hows say June 28th?


Works for me.


I can bring:


Pico DAC



Little Dot MK3




Westone 4r (Cu, Au, and stock cables)


Grado sr60s

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Hopefully I can make it! I would be able to bring a Little Dot MKII, HE-400's, DT880/600, and HD700's. However, knowing this hobby, those are subject to change.
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New to this hobby but would have a few things to bring.





PM-1 (possibly, we'll see how the wallet is feeling later this month)

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Nice guys, I'll have my...

K550 modded for more better-er sounds lol

AudioGD 11.32
modded LD mk1+
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Ok I'll make a separate thread for this once the needle doctor confirms the date

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Count me in.

LCD 2.2, ALO Pan Am, HE-400, iBasso D7, and some other stuff.
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Just heard from Ken the 28th will not work for him. He suggested June 7th. What do you guys think?

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Count me in.  I don't have a ton of stuff, but would love to participate.

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Still works for me
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I'm in.

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Oh man I'd love to join but I'm out of town june 7th.
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works for me.

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I'll be out of town that weekend. Wish I could make it though.
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Any interest in demoing the K812? I'm trying to get a pair for the meet.


Wrong thread my bad

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