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i don't have much to offer - i only have hd 598's. if only my buddy hadn't broken my fa011's and my hd 238's . . .  but i think it would be awesome to finally hear different stuff and meet some peeps. will be paying close attention.

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I would be in for a meet in the 2014. Have a Senn 650 with silver drivers, audioengine d1 dac/amp, might pick something else up between now and then though....been having this itch. 

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I'm in:


Pico DAC


RSA Protector

Little Dot MK3


Grado SR60's

Westone 4r

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Nice to see some interest I will start a new thread once I nail down the space and date here hopefully in the next week was finally able to get a hold of who I needed to about getting the room I wanted.

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I'm in!









AudioGD 11.32


I arranged the one back in June, if you need help with this let me know.

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i'm interested too.

i can bring:

K701, AD2000, and a recently modded T50RP
Krell KSA-5 Klone and B22
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I'm definitely interested. I have:

Audeze LCD-2.2
ALO Pan Am with Gateway
HiFiMan HE-400
iBasso D7

And some other much less cool stuff.

Depending on the timing I'd love to attend. I haven't been to a meet before.
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Any updates?

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No one has taken the time to arrange anything it seems... I could set it up after I'm back from Omaha (2-3 weeks) and it would be a bit after that till an actual meet. I'll poke around and see who would be willing to host us.

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I'd like to do a meet up.


I have


Phillips Fidelio X1

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

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Originally Posted by xDezor View Post

I'd like to do a meet up.


I have


Phillips Fidelio X1

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

I'm working on finding a host still...

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Definitely interested in a meet!

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I'd be interested in a meet.

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Still looking, I reached out to the Needle Doctor today... maybe they will be open to hosting us again.


Fingers CROSSED!

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So that was quick.


Ken said he was fine with hosting!


SO when would work for everyone?


I'd prefer a Saturday again...


Hows say June 28th?

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