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Minneapolis Meet?

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Hey all you Minneapolis/St. Paul people, what do you say to a meet sometime in the coming weeks here? Last one was fun, and it would be cool if we can get more people to come.

I might be able to offer a space starting on the first of next month, somewhere in NE (warehouse or something...we'll see!), but if someone else might be willing to host 5-10 people (or more!) that would be fantastic too!

Well, any takers? ^__^
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I am in Northfield, MN. Any audiophile meets near the Mall of America?

I am in Northfield, MN. Any audiophile meets near the Mall of America?
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Now that's not a bad idea. I won't be able to donate a space anymore, at least not for a while here--but if there's someone willing to host something by the MOA, that would be fantastic. I need my hi-fi fix!
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I'm up for it! Exactly when and where?
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I'll go if Dave goes!
I don't have any gear left...just a few iPods. BUT! I can be the meet photographer if you'd like.
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I might be able to attend, depending on my college schedule and whatnot.
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Hi all,

As long as it is not during the period of Feb 1 to Feb 8 - I will try to make it.

Not much gear now - only my SOHA + JISBOS amp, Beresford DAC, AKG271S.
Having sold off my HD595 and looking for a pair of HD650.

Though the Bijou is currently in the works and the modded PS1 as CD player may surprise some.

her shann
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Thanks for the pm Kahuna. Hey Paul.

I have some stuff going on over the next month, so I'll have to see how things shape up. I really don't have all that much gear anymore either- balanced headroom, balanced 650s and perhaps a Pico. Actually I just bought a Sansa Click today... its blue.... does that excite anyone ?

I'll see what you guys come up with and determine if I can make it from there.
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Hey, happy birthday Klarus. I was looking at everyone's profile and noticed your birthday was yesterday, January 24th.
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Unfortunately, I will be out-of-state as I am attending college. What luck...

Any takers on a Rapid City, SD meet? Didn't think so...
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I'm in if this gets going.
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So, is this thing on like donkey kong, or what?
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I am in Sioux Falls, but sorry colonelkernel8, I drive to Rapid way to often. However, I am up for doing something by the MOA. I have a few toys I can bring, PINT, Millett MAX, Pimeta, a few AlienDACs, some SR225s and some HD595s if any of that excites anyone.

Oh yeah, I have some Shure E4cs and some Senn PXC-250s too.
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I might be able to meet too.

I live in St. Paul, work in warehouse district in Mpls.

Nothing high-end, but have new iPod, Grado SR-225, Senn HD-25-1, Ety. ER4P->S to bring.

Any guess on when?

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Never been to a meet, might be interesting to go. Live in Minneapolis.

Have Senn 580 and headroom micro amp.
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