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Pics of pet panda
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Originally Posted by pabbi1 View Post
I am curious about the connector - a single 4x XLR natuve, with a STAX adapter? Hmmmm - any native STAX termination available?
It is a 5 pin XLR connector. It has sufficient insulation properties for this use but it is easy to make a molded Stax connector and it would be cheaper in the long run. They would also be able to make a proper strain relief instead of the heat shrink.
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It's a work of art. Beautiful. Congrats!
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FUGLY!! I was waiting for this to finally ship, but man, what awful looks. Might have to reconsider ordering one just based on the looks and build quality. And still no Stax connector
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Originally Posted by J-Pak View Post
The build quality does not look very good.
Originally Posted by spritzer View Post
Congratulation's but man is it ugly! That grill while being an eyesore is also going to cause some problems with the backwave as it can be partially reflected. I'm glad to see they changed to a ribbon cable though.
Why is it, that some members feel a need to put down a component, without ever holding it in their hands or listenng to it. Is it that some people are just negative in general?

Spritzer and J-Pak, you seem to exude a lot of negativity in your posts, why is that?

Anyway...my doorbell rang at 7:30 this a.m. and I received mine too. However, the color of the body of the cans on mine are lighter:

The wood leading from the cans to the headband is heated up and reformed to make a beautiful arc.

Here are the 1.2 prototypes next to the new production 1.3's

Notice how the swivel holder integrates and disappears into the headcups themselves (nice construction!)

Looking good and sounding great

These cost $999.00 and sound close to/equal to/or better than the HE-90's and come with a case that is quite similar to the case that the Omega 2's come in, and the adapter is included in the price. Not sure what else an electrostat lover could ask for. The bass is subsonic, clean and fast.
I've had the prototypes since November (when I first ordered these) and they had some time on them before I got them and I've put hundreds of hours on them since I got them.
I'm going to let the 1.3's run for a while and let them cure and warm up before making comparisons.
Even with the design change (which was caused by everyone calling them HE-90 clones) the manufacturer says the two revisions are identical in sound signature.
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those are indeed nice looking looking phones. i like the integration of the swivel as you mentioned but the great huge near-senn shape of the earcups is wonderful.
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Can't wait for impressions

Do they have a website we can peruse? I looked but only found one Korean vendor that even mentioned them. I actually like the bentwood construction. If past experience is any guide, it's very strong, light and looks good. I don't think these are going to win many beauty contests, but then I look at the K1000, Lambda, Sigma and think... so what. It's nice to get away from the plastic norms into something with a little imaginative flair. Chinese bentwood is generally very fine and I'd be happy to trade more plastic for it.

This is exciting!

* immt, you first pic link needs fixing, that pic is a good indicator of how they were put together.

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The wood construction on them looks different, but very nice. I really wish I had the time to invest in a good quality rig so I could make worthwhile use of electrostat headphones. All the talk about Stax phones, and now these really has me wanting to try this path.
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If you can get a pair of cans that sound as good as the HE90 for $1K, sounds like a winning deal to me. I am not nuts about how they look, but hey, that's the least important factor... just as long as they have good build quality.
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Well I could not care less how they look if they sound good. How do they sound?
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I had the opportunity to hear these at Aaron's home over the Christmas holiday and they sound superb personally I like the look of the proto better but I understand why the need for change.

These feel more substantial than they look and are very comfortable. The minimum amp I would pair these with is the Woo amp and would consider the KGSS as a great alt. I am not a huge fan of stats but after hearing these I was doing the math to see how I could squeeze the He audio stats into my rig
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Ok, so soundwise, HE90 give or take a smidge for $1000?

What adapters do they come with, Stax or Senn?

How long from ordering to delivery?

Where do you order from?

Where were you on the night of the 16th betwee.. oh, sorry. Wrong show
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Enjoy em!

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As a woodworker, and having used thin bent wood in the past, it just looks suceptible to breaking / chipping with the first drop on the floor. That would be the reason I would prefer the prior design.

That said, I don't give a rip about looking at headphones (evidenced by owning Lambdas), so I am reserving judgement until I hear how they sound, and most likely by myself... based on what others report.
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Originally Posted by immtbiker View Post
Spritzer and J-Pak, you seem to exude a lot of negativity in your posts, why is that?
So I'm exuding negativity by not joining the hype bandwagon? Shame on my for questioning something instead of just rubber stamping it...
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