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Thanks, the 0404 looks like a really good choice. But do I have to buy an optical cable when using it on my 360? How is the power handled? And can it drive the hd650's(upgrading later)?

And another question, does the D1 draw power from a power outlet or does it only run on batteries?

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emu 0404 usb worked great for me...really opened up my hd 595s. However, like sejarzo said it does take up a lot of cpu usage. With my setup (dell inspirion 1.86hz 1gig of ram), i get cracks and pops when i surf the internet. Not too big a deal cause i do most of my listening while doing nothing but listening
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I didn't say "a lot of CPU", only that it takes up more than a typical onboard or PCI based solution.

I never have had the issues that Brian has experienced, which may or may not be due to something with his network set-up.

And sorry, but I have no idea of how one would interface the 0404 USB with anything but a computer.
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Ah kk, don't think that will be a problem for me because I have a dell xps m1710 with dual 2GHz and 2gig of ram.
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Nevertheless.......some have found that it's not a hardware capability issue that has created problems with using USB or FW external audio devices, but that there seem to be conflicts at the driver level that, as you can imagine, are virtually impossible to verify or eliminate. That's why recordists typically set up their recording notebooks with no networking active during a session......when a glitch is much more of a problem than during playback!
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