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You can solder directly to IC leg, it's the only place where to get signal from.

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I did what was suggested in the tutorial but while I was desoldering the capacitors near the DAC I noticed one of the solder pads had gone. Here's a pic.




You can see one of the pads is black not silver like the rest of them. Is this a problem? How can I fix it?


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Sorry for the stupid question but what is the ic leg?
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Pin of the DAC-CODEC chip, pinout can be found in WM8978 datasheet. Or replace the whole board, it can be obtained as replacement part.

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Surprisingly I still get quite a few hits for this on my site!


Any suggestions that would help people?




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Originally Posted by aaronylee View Post

Hello everyone,

After a long time of lurking on these forums, I figure it's about time that I give back to the community. I recently read Jon's incredible thread on the diyMod for the ipod and after going through the pains of figuring out how to do it, I created this step-by-step tutorial.

I'm up to the part of making the dock connector (still waiting on parts from Qables), but otherwise the tutorial is pretty complete. I was hoping to post it here on a separate thread to generate more visibility and feedback on ways to improve it.

And before anyone flames me for plagiarism, I've gotten the blessings of Jon to both create the tutorial and to post this thread on it.

Without further ado:

Hello, your website seems down. I need to do the iMod for a weekend project.

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