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Alternative IEM's? (cx300, cx500, v-moda vibe, e2c, UE)

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My ER6i's have tragically developed a fault (nasty rattling/scratchy soudns in the right 'phone) So it looks like im going to ahve to send them away for repair (does anyone know how lo0ng this usually takes, given I'm in the UK?).

This seems like the ideal time (it happens to be payday) to buy another set of iem's. My current fallback is my senn cx300's, which are fine, a bit bassy, non-fatiguing but lack a lot of detail/clarity.

Given i find the er6i's quite clear and sharp, i suppose im looking for somehtign inbetween, preferrably in the $100/£50 range.

So far I've looked up v-moda vibes, shure e2c, UE s.fi3. All are around the same price. I also checked out the cx500's. Are these much better in terms of sound quality than the cx300's?

Cost and availability are quite important, as i dont want to replace the er6i's so much as have an alternative, and I want to get hold of them as quickly as possible, so any suggestions much appreciated.
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first things first, have you tried changing the filters in the er6i's
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out of the ones you listed, i'd pick super.fi 3
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yeah, i'm on the third filter in that phone in 6 weeks. It was previously intermittent, but now it's constant.

how do the super.fi 3's sound? Are they clsoer to the er6i or the cx300 (not a great comparison i know).
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Well, i've ordered suoper.fi 3's, set to arrive tomorrow, if i dopn't like them as much then i can always ebay them once i get the er6's back.

if only there was some way to transplant other headphones into the casings of the vibe's, they do look so much nicer, it's just a shame that doesn't translate to them being better.
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Let us hear how you compare the super.fi 3 with the er6i
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For "low" cost, but best bang for the buck, I can definitely recommend the UE Super.fi 5 Pro's. Really excellent for the price
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well I have the ER-6i's and the CX300 and teh SF3's are definitely closer sounding to the Ety's...I think you'll like the SF3s, but the Ety's are more balanced while the SF3's have a more forward vocal and mid range. And btw, prosound, this is my review on the ER-6i and SF3's...hope it might help a little. http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f4/ety...ctures-255829/
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Well, sf3's arrived.

been listening about an hour, and i'm really pleased. they're a lot warmer and 'fuller' sounding than the er6's. There's a little less detail in the high's and mids, but they do seem more forward, and the bass sounds a bit more fleshed out.

I've got to stop now and go to the gym, where i tend to wear the cx300's because i don't mind too much if i break/lose them (they're about £15 from amazon now).
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well I hope you enjoy them, they're a joy when they're not trying to rub against my glasses :P
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I just got some ATH-CK7s which I really like. Lots of details but without the excessive bass. Audiocubes has them for US$77 shipped which is very reasonable if you're paying in pounds! Mine arrived in Cambridge, UK in 4 days.
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