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I bought a set of RCA interconnects and a mini to mini from Ryan. First of all, I have to say his communication was excellent, second to none. Every day from the first time we spoke until I received the cables I was able to speak with him, often several times a day. He made himself available via instant for questions on the build and we spent quite a bit of time just talking about audio in general. He made me a part of every part of the design and creation, answering all my questions promptly and courteously. His prices are fair and the product is above average for the price.

The cables arrived packed in two ziplock bags packed in 2 layers of bubble wrap, a piece of foam on each side surrounded by packing peanuts. All of the tips were covered in more bubble wrap tied tightly with rubber bands. The cables were a definate improvement over what I had. I do not know how best to qualify the cable, as I am limited in my audio vocabulary, but what comes to mind is "increased soundstage and transparency" (the instruments as well as individual notes are more distinct and stand out from what sounded like a muddied mess by comparison... hope the verbage above means what I described here...)

I was a little skeptical about cables, but now am sold that cables can make a difference. I plan on buying some of his higher end cables soon, as they look even more fantastic. If anyone would like pics I took of the cables, pm me.

Thank you for all your hard work, Ryan!