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DLO HomeDock HD

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Quick Facts
- The all-new way to connect your iPod to your TV, now featuring hi-definition HDMI output and video upscaling to 720p or 1080i
- View and navigate iPod directly on your TV with the new, enhanced user interface
- RF remote for iPod control from the comfort of your couch
- Pure digital audio via optical digital output
- Ready to go right out of the box – no computer or wireless network required
- On-screen Album Art delivers the complete iPod experience
- HomeDock HD charges your iPod while securely docked
- Compatible with all dockable iPods

Bit perfect via optical digital output?

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It is an optical digital output on the back. Also, it's $100 cheaper than Wadia. Appears it might also support earlier Ipods than current line Wadia supports. Looks promising. We'll see.
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I purchased a HomeDock HD when it came up on Slickdeals for like $40. I have it connected to my Onkyo A/V TX-SR607 via HDMI and it sounds outstanding. I'm still wondering how the sound is actually coming from the iPod Touch though. 


Has anybody been able to establish whether or not it's just taking the analog output from the iPod and A/D'ing it so that it can be used with the on screen display etc? 


I have some anecdotal evidence but i'm not sure what conclusion to draw from it. 


Regardless of what sound is supposed to be playing from my iPod Touch, if I sit it on the HomeDock HD the sound will instantly start coming out of my home stereo. The only connection i'm using is HDMI from HomeDock to Receiver. 


So does that probably mean that the iPod is just outputting the fixed line out analog and then the DLO is running it through an A/D converter to make it accessible via Toslink/HDMI? 


I have a hard time believing that the iPod is loose enough to allow ALL sound to flow from it digitally, whether it's an app/game/music/pandora/spotify whatever. 


If it CAN though... Oh boy what a trick. It does sound good. 

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