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I use A calphalon one wok, All Clad saute, risotto, and general pans, a dirt cheap target nonstick for eggs, and a lodge preseasoned for everything else.

Literally, the lodge is the best possible pan for almost everything. I've cooked eggs in it over a radiator. I've cooked trout in it over a campfire, and cooled it in a river. I've cooked countless gravies, burgers, chicken breasts, cornish game hens, etc. I hate initially seasoning pans, so I don't do it. Pay the extra 5-10 dollars to get it preseasoned. There's no need to clean it with soap, there's no need to season it often. Every once and awhile throw some olive oil in it, and when you're done with it wipe it down well.

This doesn't need to be difficult. The lodge is the right frying pan, if what you're doing is frying. Alton Brown and Gordon Ramsay both use them extensively. Le Creuset make wonderful pans, but underneath the enamel they're still cast iron. Give the lodge a shot.
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Have anyone used Fissler frying pans? I tried to look around the net but there is very little (or none) user impressions on their frying pan range.

This is a promo clip for the products, and I have to say, watching it - the design and everything - makes me feel like this pan has really been through some German engineering.

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